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Loop Hero Guide Hub

Loop Hero Guide Hub

Welcome to the Loop Hero Guide Hub here at Slyther Games for every guide we have. Whether you’re playing for the first time or the hundredth, we have a guide for everyone. Take a peek and if you want us to make a guide on something specific or have a question, comment below. New guides are added as they’re made.

Every Loop Hero Guide

10 Best Loop Hero Tips and Tricks

Best Loop Hero Class to Play

Best Loop Hero Buildings to Make First

All Card/Tile Combinations

Best Necromancer Traits Tier List

How to Spawn Frog King Boss

How to Spawn the Final Secret Boss

How to Beat Chapter 3

How to Beat Chapter 4

River Placement Guide

Broken Geography Achievement Guide

Alchemist’s Tent Guide

How to Unlock Equipment Slots

Arsenal Golden Card Guide

Ancestral Crypt Golden Card Guide

Beginner Guides

How to Use Potions

What Happens When You Die

How to Discard Items

When to Retreat Guide

Common Questions

What Does Blood Lightning Do?

What Does Counter Do?

How to Unlock Suburbs

What Does Maze of Memories Do?

What is Evasion Bonus?

What Does Summon Quality Do?

What is a Resurrection Charge?

What is the Resource Cap?

Loop Hero released on March 4, 2021 for PC via Steam and GOG.