Steam Game Festival Demos Banner

11 Awesome Steam Game Festival Demos Worth Playing

Yet another Steam Game Festival is here filled with demos to try for free. The last bundle of demos in the Winter had merely 14 neat games to check out….

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Spellpunk VR Steam Early Access

5 Thoughts About SpellPunk VR

SpellPunk VR tests your spellcasting skills against other players in online duels. The virtual reality game quickly becomes intense as you try to remember spells off the top of your…

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Vigor Art

9 Thoughts About the Vigor Switch Beta

Battle royale games are one of the most popular genres today and it’s always neat to see developers put their own twist on them. Escape from Tarkov and Vigor are…

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The Drifter Gameplay

What is The Drifter?

The Drifter is a quick point and click thriller with a story surrounded by mystery. Character Mick Carter hops on a train headed home for a funeral when he gets…

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Moving Out Game

What is Moving Out?

If you’re a fan of great couch co-op games to play with friends, Moving Out is worth your time. It’s another silly simulator Team17 Digital is publishing alongside Overcooked if…

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Heavenly Bodies Demo

Heavenly Bodies Has You Floating Through Space

The Game Awards took place in early December 2019 and Heavenly Bodies was one of many demos released on Steam temporarily. The 10-minute demo features trying to escape a space…

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Don't Die, Minerva! Preview

Don’t Die, Minerva! Illuminates a Haunted House

I’ve always had a soft spot for the roguelike genre because of how much content you can get out of those games. There’s something captivating about every run feeling different…

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Kynseed – Start Your Own Pig Riding Adventure

If you’re looking for a mystical world to explore and influence, Kynseed is worth looking at. PixelCount Studios has employees that worked on the Fable franchise if you’re wondering what’s…

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Itchy Look – Unsung Warriors – Prologue

Every so often I wander over to for some hidden indie gems, and today’s game is Unsung Warriors – Prologue. After rumors spread about a treasure in an ancient…

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All Walls Must Fall Preview – Dance Through Time

If you’re looking for a cyberpunk noir tactics game with a gay vibe to it, All Walls Must Fall has you covered. Taking place in the year 2089, where the…

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