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Payday 3 – Syntax Error Expansion Impressions

Payday 3 - Syntax Error Heist Screenshot

Just under three months out from Payday 3’s release we’ve got our first expansion, the Syntax Error bundle. It includes a new heist, four masks, four suits, four gloves, and three new weapons to try. If you own the silver or gold edition, you’ll already have access to it. For those who don’t, I’m here to let you know if the cost is worth it.

Before talking about the Syntax Error content, it’s worth addressing the major updates Payday 3 has gotten. A common complaint was how you could only level up your character by completing specific challenges. While challenges still exist, you’ll also now get infamy points by completing heists alongside other bonuses based on your performance.

Payday 3 - End of Heist Infamy Point Screen

This change is by far the most significant one but there are plenty of other additions like new animations and a couple of returning heists for free. Not to mention, the new Transporter skill tree where you can carry two bags at once. For me, this may be an even bigger change compared to the leveling system.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the new Syntax Error heist. We’re infiltrating the Scry Digital data center where they have servers we can steal for money. The significance of these servers has to do with a new software for drone warfare. Unsurprisingly, this focus on drone warfare also introduces the new Techie enemy that flies drones.

Payday 3 - Finding a Drone Techie

The Techie can be irritating to deal with since they’ll hide far away from you and send attack drones to do their bidding. So if you don’t have someone searching for them, the drones will keep coming. And while the Techie has a neat shield to hide their position, it’s nothing too crazy.

After running the heist a couple of times stealth and loud, I think it’s a good addition to the current roster of heists. The stealth run is a good balance between the annoying heist, Under the Surphaze, and the longer Rock the Cradle. I can see a group complete it without stealth skills but you’ll want them to deal with the many cameras and patrolling guards.

Payday 3 - Scry Digital in Syntax Error Heist

Stealth or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if many players get stuck on their first attempt at this heist. This is because you’ll need a red keycard and I must have run around for 10 or 15 minutes before finding it. And that’s only because I started to search online for help. I don’t expect Shade to tell me everything to do, but it’s too easy to have no idea where to look.

Aside from the heist, the new weapons feel good so far. We’ve got the marksman FIK 22 TLR, FSA-12G shotgun, and WAR-45 SMG. I mostly tested them on the lower difficulties since I ran through the Syntax Error heist solo. I thought I’d run out of ammo with the FSA-12G firing away in semi-auto but it held up surprisingly. As long as you use it up close for some solid one-hits.

Payday 3 - New Syntax Error Weapons

Segueing from weapons to the new clothes, I like a couple of the new masks even though I’m still a fan of Pearl’s Edged Grin. I’m sure someone will appreciate the sillier masks like Poindexter more than me as I gravitate toward the Commander 53. While I’m more grounded with simple masks, I like the Polaroid inspiration fueling the Commander 53 aesthetic.

Then there are the new outfits that revolve around the Scry Digital office. They work well if you’re looking for a vibe that’s more about disguising yourself. Especially if you’re a fan of stealthing missions.

Payday 3 - New Syntax Error Masks

All that aside, the big thing I want to address that’s led to many negative Steam reviews is the cost of the Syntax Error content. As someone solely interested in the new heist, I like that you can buy it separately even though it costs more than what we’ve seen in Payday 2. Heists were previously $6.99, with the Syntax Error heist being $9.99.

I can see this increase frustrate players even if you look to inflation as a potential reason for it. However, the big positive that I can applaud Starbreeze Studios for is that only one person in the party needs to own the heist. So this can help you save money if you have a group you regularly play with. Or even if it’s just one other person.

The Payday 3 Gold Edition was provided by a PR company via a Steam code.