Endzone A World Apart Guide

9 Thoughts About Endzone – A World Apart

Endzone – A World Apart is a city builder that takes place 150 years after a nuclear disaster. It’s up to you to rebuild humanity in this post-apocalyptic wasteland while…

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Stronghold Warlords Review

9 Thoughts About Stronghold: Warlords – Review

The Stronghold franchise has always been a strong source of nostalgia for me growing up on the original and Crusader. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Stronghold:…

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Carrion Review Header

5 Thoughts About Carrion – Review

I’ve had my eye on Carrion for a while going years back to when I first saw a prototype on Reddit. Seeing how far developer Phobia Game Studio has taken…

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Disintegration Review Logo

9 Thoughts About Disintegration – Review

Disintegration immediately appealed to me when I first tried the multiplayer beta back in January. The combination of FPS elements with a dash of RTS is something you don’t really…

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Survive the Blackout Review

9 Thoughts About Survive the Blackout – Review

People often think about post-apocalyptic disasters like zombies and wonder how long they would survive. But what if it wasn’t about zombies, and instead the world losing power for an…

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Through the Darkest of Times Review

Through the Darkest of Times is a Painful Reminder – Review

I was lucky growing up that I went through my education without racism being an issue. My peers weren’t bullying each other over race or religion, and something like the…

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Ape Out Review

Ape Out Review – Fight or Flight

Escape. That’s all you know as an imprisoned ape with a goal to survive. Ape Out throws you into the action without much reason other than fight for your life….

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Pine Header

Pine Review – A Simulated Ecosystem

Games where I feel my impact on the world have always had my attention. This is one of the reasons the Mount & Blade franchise is a favorite of mine….

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Frontline Zed Logo

Frontline Zed Review – A Blast of Nostalgia

Many kids growing up know the pain of not having money to buy new games. This is why free flash games will always be a significant part of my childhood….

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SteamWorld Quest Review – Puns & Robots

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh shows how Image & Form keeps tackling different genres successfully. The SteamWorld universe got its start in 2010 as a tower defense game and has…

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