New World - How to Play With Friends Guide

New World – How to Play With Friends

Playing with friends in New World can be a little confusing at first depending on your starting area. Unfortunately, not everyone spawns in the same region so you’re not guaranteed…

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New World - Bow Screenshot

New World – Can You Play With Other Factions

Deciding what faction to join in New World can be a difficult decision if you don’t understand the system. Fortunately, there isn’t anything that makes one faction better than another….

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New World - Beta Progress Screenshot

New World – Does Beta Carry Over

New World is an upcoming MMORPG with a closed beta currently going on. This is an opportunity for people to get an early look at the game and see how…

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Foxhole - How to Redeploy Guide

Foxhole – How to Redeploy

Knowing how to redeploy in Foxhole is useful in case you run out of spawns or want to check a different area. Especially if you notice people in chat begging…

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Foxhole - Bayonet Trenches Screenshot

Foxhole – How to Use a Bayonet

A significant portion of the game Foxhole often takes place in trenches and that’s why it’s important to know how to use a bayonet. This simple tool is great for…

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Foxhole - How to Refill Medkits

Foxhole – How to Refill Medkits

One of the most important Foxhole game roles is a medic to keep everyone alive on the front. This is why it’s important to understand how the healing and reviving…

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Muck - How to Use Jetpacks

Muck – How to Use Jetpack

Muck is a free survival roguelite filled with powerups that make you stronger in all sorts of ways. While you will still need to upgrade your gear, powerups help as…

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Muck - What is Ruby For Guide

Muck – What is Ruby For?

Players returning to Muck after Update 3 may not recognize some of the new content in this free survival game. One example includes Ruby crystals which can be found in…

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Muck - What is Versus Mode Guide

Muck – What is Versus Mode

The free survival roguelite game Muck has three different modes you can pick as the host. Depending on the type of experience you want, you should pick a certain one….

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Muck - What is Player Damage Guide

Muck – What is Player Damage

One of the few Muck settings you can customize when hosting your own server is player damage. A common question I’ve seen in the community is what is player damage…

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