Outriders - All Classes Screenshot

Outriders – How to Change Classes

The third-person shooter Outriders has four different classes people can play. As each has their own playstyle and unique abilities, you may be wondering how to change classes. Unfortunately, the…

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Outriders - Status Effect Guide

Outriders – What Every Status Effect Does

If you’re playing the Outriders demo and wondering what certain status effects do, this guide is for you. Fortunately, the developers at People Can Fly have included useful guides inside…

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Outriders - How Long to Beat

Outriders – How Long to Beat the Demo

Outriders is a third-person RPG shooter coming out on April 1, 2021, that currently has a demo available to play. If you’re wondering how long it takes to beat the…

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Outriders Level Scaling Guide Screenshot

Outriders – Is There Level Scaling?

Level scaling is a mechanic often used for multiplayer RPGs so people can play together more easily without being the same level. If you’re wondering whether Outriders uses some form…

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Outriders - Skill Tree Screenshot

Outriders – How to Get Class Points

Have you started playing the Outriders demo and are wondering how to get class points? As the demo has a few limitations restricting players from getting too far, you can’t…

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Outriders - How to Crossplay Guide

Outriders – How to Crossplay

If you’re looking to play Outriders across multiple platforms with friends and aren’t sure how to crossplay, this guide explains how. It’s important to know that crossplay is available for…

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Valheim - How to Plant Seeds Guide

Valheim – How to Plant Trees and Farm Seeds

If you’re filled with all sorts of seeds in Valheim and wondering how to plant trees or start a farm, this guide is for you. It’s easy to end up…

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Valheim - What Happens When You Log Out

Valheim – All Enemy Weaknesses and Resistances

If you’re playing Valheim and noticed that your damage numbers have different colors, this guide is for you. Depending on the weapon type you use, you may deal weak gray…

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Valheim - How to Install Mods

Valheim – How to Install Mods Guide

If you’re wondering how to install mods in Valheim, you’re in the right place. This guide covers how to install BepInEx which is required for the majority of mods currently…

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Valheim - Unrestricted Portals Mod

9 Best Valheim Mods to Install

Whether you’re looking for quality of life Valheim changes or new features overall, our list features some of the best mods currently out. As the modding scene is still new,…

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