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When starting Baldur’s Gate 3 you may notice among the origin characters one called, The Dark Urge. This has led to many players wondering what is The Dark Urge especially since it isn’t a set character. At least not the same way one like Astarion or Shadowheart is. A simple way to describe this origin …

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is often confusing and hard to follow when you first jump into it. That’s why I’ve put together this guide to help players understand the killer/Family side of the game. This is where you’ll work with two other players to hunt down the four Victims.

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If you’re struggling with how to beat the final boss in Remnant 2, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you. It quickly becomes clear that this boss fight is a large spike in difficulty. So don’t be surprised if you’re having trouble even after several attempts. I’ve put together tips for every attack, phase, …

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If you’re one of many Dave the Diver players wondering does interior do anything, we’re here to help you out! For those that may be new to the game, you can spend your hard-earned money on new furniture for Bancho Sushi. Some examples include the table customers eat on, their chairs, and miscellaneous decorations too.

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If you’ve made decent progress into Dave the Diver and earned the trust of the Sea People Village, chances are you’ve met a certain sea turtle. This isn’t one that you can catch or randomly find out and about at first. However, there is a quest you can get from Mima’s Restaurant about tracking down …

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