Valheim - Getting Rid of Items

Valheim – What to Do With Old Gear?

If you’re not sure how to destroy items or what to do with old gear in Valheim, this guide answers that question. There are a few workarounds, but unfortunately at…

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Valheim - Furnace and Kiln

Valheim – What to Do After the First Boss

Now that you’ve taken out the first boss in Valheim, what do you do? This guide covers what your next step should be and how to find the next boss…

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Valheim - Holdor Screenshot NPC

Valheim – Are There NPCs?

If you’re wondering whether there are any NPCs in Valheim, this guide explains what to expect. While NPCs aren’t the focus of Valheim as most of your time is spent…

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Valheim - Eikthyr Boss Guide

Every Boss and Their Rewards in Valheim

Learn about every boss in Valheim using our quick guide below. This article explains each boss briefly, what their rewards are, and the power you get for defeating them. If…

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Valheim - Community Server Guide

Valheim – What is a Community Server?

If you’re playing Valheim for the first time and setting up a server, you may see the Community Server option. Our quick guide explains what a Community Server is, how…

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Valheim - An Item Prevents You Portal 2

Valheim – An Item Prevents You From Teleporting Fix

Once you’ve made some decent progress into Valheim, you may run into the “An Item Prevents You From Teleporting” problem. Fortunately, this isn’t a bug and has a simple fix…

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Apex Legends – What Counts as a Kill

If you’re wondering what counts as a kill in Apex Legends, this guide explains both that and what counts as an assist. And if you have any questions, feel free…

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Apex Legends Gibraltar Hitbox

Apex Legends – Who Has the Smallest Hitbox

If you’re playing Apex Legends and wondering which character has the smallest hitbox among all 16, this quick guide covers that. First, it’s important to know what a hitbox is…

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Eternal Return Black Survival Guide

Eternal Return: Black Survival Guide Hub

Welcome to the Eternal Return: Black Survival Guide Hub here at Slyther Games for every guide we have. Whether you’re playing for the first time or the hundredth, we have…

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Eternal Return Black Survival How to Emote

Eternal Return: Black Survival – How to Emote

Using emotes in Eternal Return: Black Survival is a solid way to communicate quickly or just have a little fun. Throwing a white flag to say you don’t want to…

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