Loop Hero - Camp Guide

Loop Hero – What is the Resource Cap?

A big part of Loop Hero’s meta progression revolves around grinding resources to get stronger. Over time, you’ll slowly but surely piece together memories of the past by rebuilding your…

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Loop Hero - Necromancer Screenshot

Loop Hero – Ancestral Crypt Guide

Loop Hero is a tough roguelite where you need to take advantage of every trick you can to stay alive. This is why it’s important to unlock golden cards which…

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Loop Hero - Suburbs Towns Guide

Loop Hero – How to Unlock Suburbs

If you’re playing Loop Hero and noticed someone online has a card named Suburbs, we’ve got a guide for you. It’s easy to play the entire game without getting this…

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Loop Hero - Resurrection Charge Guide

Loop Hero – What is a Resurrection Charge

As goes with any roguelite game, you’re probably going to die a lot in Loop Hero. In order to avoid doing that, you may be wondering what a resurrection charge…

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Loop Hero - Fourth Boss Stats

Loop Hero – How to Beat Chapter 4

Loop Hero is a tough roguelite that takes a good amount of grinding and RNG to complete. If you’re struggling with the Chapter 4 boss, we’ve got a guide for…

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Loop Hero - Blood Lightning Guide

Loop Hero – What Does Blood Lightning Do?

If you’ve beaten a couple of Loop Hero bosses, you may have come across a trait named Gift of Blood. Depending on which class you grab it for, it has…

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Loop Hero - Secret Developer Boss Guide

Loop Hero – How to Spawn the Final Secret Boss

If you’ve heard about the secret bosses in Loop Hero, you may be wondering how to spawn them. Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that loves to write, stream, and make…

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Loop Hero - Camp Buildings Screenshot

Loop Hero – Arsenal Guide

One of the best ways to gets stronger in Loop Hero is by using golden cards, such as the Arsenal card. Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that loves to write,…

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Loop Hero - Alchemist Tent Guide

Loop Hero – Alchemist’s Tent Guide

One of the final Loop Hero buildings you’ll create is likely the Alchemist’s Tent. If you’re wondering what it’s for, why to make it, and how to use alchemy, this…

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Loop Hero - Summon Quality Guide

Loop Hero – What Does Summon Quality Do?

The roguelite Loop Hero has all sorts of vague stats that leave plenty of us questioning what they actually do. If you’ve stumbled upon our guide because you want to…

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