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Loop Hero – Ancestral Crypt Guide

Loop Hero - Ancestral Crypt Guide

Loop Hero is a tough roguelite where you need to take advantage of every trick you can to stay alive. This is why it’s important to unlock golden cards which huge buffs like Ancestral Crypt and Arsenal. Continue reading our guide below to learn which classes work best with Ancestral Crypt, what it does, and how to unlock it.

What Does the Ancestral Crypt Golden Card Do?
How to Get Ancestral Crypt
What Class is Ancestral Crypt Best For?
Loop Hero Enemies With Souls

What Does the Ancestral Crypt Golden Card Do?

Loop Hero - Ancestral Crypt Golden Card

The Ancestral Crypt golden card gives you +3 max health for every enemy with a soul killed. It prevents you from gaining any max health from armor. And it gives you one resurrection charge to full health. While armor will still say that it adds max health when equipped, you won’t actually receive any bonuses from it. So it’s important to realize that you’re almost making the armor equipment slot useless when using this golden card. This is why it’s not great for every Loop Hero class.

How to Get Ancestral Crypt

Loop Hero - Crypt Camp Building

Unlocking the Ancestral Crypt golden card is similar to any other golden card. You’ll need to work on your camp buildings and get the Crypt. Before you can make the Crypt, you’ll need to build a Cemetery. Both of these buildings need to be adjacent to each other, so be careful where you place them. After doing this, you’ll need to make the Intel Center building. You can’t get any golden cards until the Intel Center has been made. So long as you have both buildings, Ancestral Crypt will become available.

Then, all you need to do is head over to the Expedition tab and add it to your deck. It’s worth mentioning that only one golden card can be equipped per run. So make sure you plan which one you want to use. Our next section explains what class this one works best for. And if you want to see a neat trick, there is one method here to get multiple golden cards.

What Class is Ancestral Crypt Best For?

Loop Hero - Necromancer Screenshot

This Necromancer run has the Arsenal card because this was early into my Loop Hero learning.

Not that it should be too much of a surprise, but the Necromancer works best with this golden card. You would think having an extra equipment slot via the Arsenal would pay off, but it has a disadvantage. As mentioned in our Best Necromancer Traits Tier List, the Arsenal’s “Lower item quality by 15%” stat seems to affect your Summon Quality. This prevents you from summoning better skeletons which can make or break your run against certain bosses.

So long as you take advantage of cards that spawn enemies with souls, you’ll gain a significant chunk of health using Ancestral Crypt. Loop Hero enemies with souls are in the table below. Bosses also have souls, but they haven’t been included to avoid spoilers.

Loop Hero Enemies With Souls

Ratwolf Skeleton Skeleton Archer Blood Clot Vampire
Ghost Ghost of a Ghost Prime Matter Watcher Goblin
Goblin Leader Ghoul Bandit Harpy Flesh Golem
Mosquito Field of Blades Scorch Worm Siren  

While you can prioritize any of these enemies, I do have some recommendations. Skeletons and Vampires work well over time, but you’ll benefit most from farming Ghouls and Ratwolves. You’ll need to combine a Village and Vampire Mansion to get Ghouls.

However, after four loops they’ll be gone, so this is only a temporary method. Ratwolves are good for getting souls, but they can be a pain in tougher chapters. Their third trait makes fights last longer, “Thick Hide – Can’t be damaged by more than 30% of its max hp by a single attack.”

If you’re playing a Necromancer as recommended in this guide, this trait won’t hit you as hard. However, as a Rogue, any critical attacks will be significantly reduced in damage. The Necromancer benefits from high DPS via multiple skeleton summons.

If this Ancestral Crypt guide helped you learn a thing or two about Loop Hero, be sure to visit our guide hub for more tips and tricks. We’ve also listed a few guides below that may be of interest to you too. And if you have a question about something not answered in this article, feel free to comment below for help.