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Loop Hero – All Card/Tile Combinations

Loop Hero - Card Combo Synergy Guide

Loop Hero has all sorts of unique card combinations that can improve buffs or create new enemies. Taking advantage of these card synergies is a useful way to get more loot and survive even longer. Read below for every combo we currently know about.

All Card Combinations in Loop Hero




Rocks Placing Rocks or Mountains in a 3×3 grid creates a Mountain Peak. This provides a larger max hp boost, as well as spawning Harpies.
  • Gobin Outposts spawn every 10 rocks/mountains. There can only be one Mountain Peak.
Meadows Placing Meadows next to anything creates a Blooming Meadow tile. This provides 3hp instead of 2hp per day.
  • Can further boost this with Chrono Crystals and Rivers.
Battlefield Overlapping Battlefields create a Blood Path that spawns Blood Clots.
  • Only replaces Wasteland tiles.
Village Placing a Vampire Mansion next to a Village creates a Ransacked Village. This spawns four Ghouls for three loops before changing to a Count’s Lands tile.
  • Count’s Lands provide better quest rewards. Bandits won’t go on Count’s Lands tiles (unconfirmed).
Wheat Fields
  • Using Oblivion to remove a village from an adjacent Wheat Field creates Overgrown Fields. This will spawn Field of Blades enemies that are extremely dangerous.
  • Placing Wheat Fields next to “A Village?” creates Overgrown Fields too.
Swamp Placing a Swamp next to a Goblin Outpost creates a Goblin Lookout.
  • Goblin Archers fight on adjacent tiles.
  • Removing a Grove/Forest/Thicket next to a Blood Grove using Oblivion creates a Hungry Grove. Burning Forests/Thickets next to a Blood Grove may create a Hungry Grove as well.
  • Placing a Blood Grove next to another one creates a Hungry Grove so long as there isn’t a Grove/Forest/Thicket adjacent.
  • Blood Groves spawn Blood Golems after enough bodies have been swallowed. Hungry Groves revert back to Blood Groves if you replace the Grove/Forest/Thicket.
  • Placing a River next to a Battlefield creates a shipwreck. This spawns Chests and Sirens
  • A River next to a road creates Reeds that spawn Fishmen.
  • A Desert or Sand Dune next to a River creates an Oasis.
Forest Placing a Forest or Thicket along a Storm Temple’s Path creates a Burned Forest.
  • A Village? spawns after 10 Forests/Thickets are placed.
  • Thickets are frequently placed along Rivers to stack Attack Speed bonuses.
Suburbs Placing five Suburbs in a plus pattern creates a Town.
Abandoned Bookery
  • Placing an Abandoned Bookery next to a Temporal Beacon spawns Watcher Mages.
  • Placing an Abandoned Bookery next to a Vampire Mansion spawns Vampire Mages.
  • After using a Bookery 20 times, it collapses, becoming an Abandoned Bookery.

It’s possible more card combinations may be added to the game at a later time. Especially since there are two equipment slots that currently don’t have an item available for them. While there isn’t a roadmap for upcoming content, the developer has said they have “a lot of cool ideas” for the coming year.

If you have any questions regarding Loop Hero, feel free to ask in the comments below. And if you come across a new combination not mentioned in the article, let us know. Other useful Loop Hero guides here at Slyther Games are listed below.


Tuesday 25th of May 2021

putting a village by an overgrown field will revert it back to a wheat field.


Sunday 14th of March 2021

You can place Blood Grove adjacent to another Blood Grove and make Hungry Groove. The restriction is there should not be a groove or forest near it.

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 14th of March 2021

Funnily enough, I thought I tested this, but I must have had a forest or something nearby without realizing it. Thanks for pointing it out, I added it into the article!