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Loop Hero – Best Class to Play

Loop Hero - Best Class Guide Concept Art

Choosing the best Loop hero class is a bit of a challenge since they all excel in their own ways. While you won’t have access to all three until making a little progress building your camp, certain ones definitely work better in each chapter. Continue reading our guide below to learn which class is best overall, who to use for each boss, and some quick tips and tricks too.

Best Class to Play in Loop Hero

Before we get into what each class is best for, let’s pick the best class to play. I really wanted this to be the Necromancer, but this class relies too much on RNG to reach its full potential. This is why I think the Rogue is the best Loop Hero class right now. By the time you reach Chapter 3, the Necromancer feels impossible to play unless you get the perfect items and traits. Whereas the Rogue handles well enough without caring too much about RNG. For quick tips on each class, continue reading.

Warrior Class Tips and Tricks

Loop Hero - Warrior Class

The Warrior is a great starter class because it focuses heavily on Max HP and Defense without you needing to do much. This doesn’t rely on getting the perfect traits or items. This is part of what makes the Warrior the best class for Chapter 1, fighting the Lich. Since the Lich hits extra hard with high damage attacks, you can easily offset this with the high Defense. That’s not to say you can’t use the Rogue with high evasion, but the Warrior excels here. While the Necromancer is dead without high Magic HP or Skeleton Guards.

  • Best Stats: Max HP, Defense, HP Regen or Vampirism
  • Best Traits: Blade of Dawn, Shield Master, Article of Protection, Battering Ram
  • Golden Card: Arsenal
  • How to Unlock: Unlocked by default.
  • Prioritize raising your Max HP since you benefit from healing a percentage at the campfire each loop.
  • Helmets from the Arsenal card provide extra damage and useful stats like Vampirism.
  • High defense makes it easy to shrug off most attacks.

Rogue Class Tips and Tricks

Loop Hero - Rogue Class

The Rogue is the best class as mentioned above for a few reasons. While certain traits are better than others, the Rogue is still strong without getting the perfect RNG. As explained in our guide on Chapter 3, you mainly to focus on attack speed and evasion. The rest falls into place such as max hp, magic hp with the Arsenal golden card, and damage via dual wielding. The Rogue is a great class for Chapter 2 since your attack speed quickly destroys Priestess shields. Not to mention, the Rogue has an easier time surviving Chapter 3. After several Necromancer Chapter 3 runs, I couldn’t keep up to even reach the boss.

  • Best Stats: Attack Speed, Evasion, Magic HP
  • Best Traits: Picky, Old Scars, Child of the Forest, Master of Fencing
  • Golden Card: Arsenal always.
  • How to Unlock: Refuge camp building.
  • A neat trick is to use Outpost cards from the War Camp because soldiers don’t take your items.
  • If you prioritize raising your Magic HP, you can offset losses from placing Desert and Dune tiles.
  • “A Village?” tiles are worth removing with Oblivion cards since they can hit hard.
  • Spider Cocoons are useful for farming cards since you can wipe them out quickly.
  • There’s a frustrating stamina mechanic that nerfs high attack speed. It prevents you from attacking quickly for a short period of time after too many attacks. This can force you to offset it with critical hit chance instead.

Necromancer Class Tips and Tricks

Loop Hero - Necromancer Class

The Necromancer is probably my favorite class to play since you have a much more unique fighting style. It’s probably the strongest class in Loop Hero if you get the right traits, cards, and items. However, if you don’t, you might get stuck with a ring giving you +1 maximum skeletons the entire game. This is why the Necromancer falls short, despite being a fun class to play. Despite all that, the Necromancer tends to be the best class for Chapter 2. Similar to the Rogue, your attack speed via multiple summons makes the Priestess an easy fight.

  • Best Stats: Skeleton Level, Max Skeletons, Attack Speed via Thickets, Magic HP
  • Best Traits: Unseen Care, Field Practice, Art of Control, Residual Heat or Laying Down One’s Life.
  • Golden Card: Ancestral Crypt or Arsenal. Ancestral Crypt is more popular.
  • How to Unlock: Crypt camp building.
  • Unlike the Rogue, “A Village?” tiles are great since your skeletons take most hits. As long as you don’t have a low amount of max skeletons to summon. Otherwise, you’ll start getting hit back.
  • Our full Necromancer trait tier list guide is here.
  • Spider Cocoons are decent for farming cards until Chapter 3. Then you have to spread them out since they start to hit hard.
  • The most difficult part of the Necromancer is balancing your stats. You need Skeleton Level to keep up with the loop level. Then, Max Skeletons for increasing your DPS and survivability. Attack Speed to summon skeletons quickly since they usually die in one hit. And Magic HP to stay alive if you start getting hit.

That’s all for this Loop Hero guide on which class is best to play. If you have some tips of your own for a class or why you think a different class is best, let us know in the comments below. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask for some help. Otherwise, be sure to visit plenty of other great Loop Hero guides we have below.


Monday 24th of May 2021

I disagree necromancer is by far the better class, but it is heavily build dependent. If you use villages and battlefields you will always have lots of items to choose from, prioritize max. Skeltons and summon quality and use forests for attack speed you will summon skeleton guards faster then the enemy can kill them while your mages deal damage from the back row. You can use suburbs for bonus exp. don't take "laying down ones life", it's a trap. And if you don't use ancestral crypt you're doing it wrong