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Best Loop Hero Buildings to Make First

Loop Hero - How to Discard Items

Deciding which buildings to make first in Loop Hero can be a challenge if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking at. As you get further into higher-level loops and more difficult chapters, you’ll need the best buildings to stay alive. Whether you’re looking to unlock the best cards, classes, or just some useful upgrades. Continue reading below for our build order guide.

Loop Hero Building Order
Best Loop Hero Buildings
Getting More Camp Item Slots
Completed Camp With All Buildings

Loop Hero Building Order

Loop Hero - Best Buildings Screenshot

Before you start reading below, it’s important to know that you won’t have access to every building at the start. While certain buildings are better than others, they may be further up the tree and require resources from tougher enemies. They may also require getting to tougher chapters first.

  1. The Campfire is the first building you’ll need to make.
  2. Herbalist’s Hut gets you potions that help with staying alive.
  3. Field Kitchen increases campfire healing and it’s required for the next tier of buildings.
  4. The Smithy gives you starting gear, eventually leading to the Smelter, which is great.
  5. The Refuge is optional, but the Rogue feels like a nice upgrade over the Warrior.
  6. The Gymnasium provides game-changing traits on leveling up.
  7. The Supply Depot is the beginning of small passive buffs via items/artifacts.
  8. Intel Center unlocks the Encylopedia. But you really want it for Golden Cards.
  9. Grab the Smelter for the Arsenal card so you can get extra equipment.
  10. The Forest is a nice boost in attack speed via land tiles.
  11. The Library is mainly a step to getting the Alchemist’s Tent.
  12. Use the Alchemist’s Tent to convert resources for what you need. If you can get the River first, you can skip this building for now.
  13. The River for doubling the effects of other land tiles.
  14. Warehouse for more artifact/item slots.

By now you’ll have the majority of the buildings in Loop Hero. You can mix in a few optional buildings along the way that weren’t mentioned such as the Cemetery for a revive when it’s upgraded. The Crypt for the Necromancer class, which works well against the Chapter 2 boss. Mud Huts help expand your artifact storage, but they can be expensive. The Farm is a useful source of food that isn’t too expensive to build. Everyone’s build order will vary slightly depending on these buildings.

Watchtowers and War Camps are useful for archers/soldiers that help fight adjacent enemies The Lumberjack isn’t super necessary, but it can help for crafting furniture toward specific builds. And lastly, the Bridge helps with Rivers. Don’t forget that certain buildings are upgradable for better buffs.

Best Loop Hero Buildings

Loop Hero - Best Buildings Guide

As mentioned above, you’ll gradually work toward most buildings because they’re often needed to continue going forward. However, I’ve listed a few bullet points below for ones worth prioritizing in your build order.

  • Smelter
  • Gymnasium
  • Crypt
  • Warehouse
  • Forest
  • River
  • Alchemist’s Tent (because it’ll help you get other buildings)
  • Bookery for swapping out weaker land cards.

Getting More Camp Item Slots

Loop Hero - Camp Item Slots

If you’re trying to get more camp item slots for your Supply Depot, you’ll want to build two Warehouses and some Mud Huts. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many Mud Huts you can build, so take advantage of this. However, if you’re trying to unlock slots for a specific category, you’ll need to build or upgrade certain buildings.

Every time you make or upgrade a building, a window will show “Camp’s Item Slots” that you’re unlocking if there are any. Each image section is explained briefly below.

  • The chair represents furniture.
  • The axe is for tools.
  • The apple is for food.
  • And the chest is for equipped items at the bottom.

Completed Camp With All Buildings

Loop Hero - Complete Camp

I noticed some people were looking for an idea of what order to make buildings so they don’t have to dismantle them. Unfortunately, certain buildings need to be adjacent to others. But, this doesn’t apply to every type. I posted a screenshot above of my camp with every building if that provides any help.

If you have any Loop Hero questions or suggestions for our article, comment below and we’ll get back to you. Otherwise, be sure to take a look at other useful Loop Hero guides we have.