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Loop Hero – How to Use Potions

Loop Hero - How to Use Potions Guide

Loop Hero is a roguelite where you’ll need every advantage to stay alive. This is why it’s especially important to know how to use potions for keeping your health up. One of the first buildings you can make at your camp is an Herbalist’s Hut for unlocking potions. This requires 2 Stable Wood, 3 Preserved Stone, and 4 Food Supplies to build. After doing so, continue reading our guide below to learn how you can use potions during an expedition.

How to Use Potions in Loop Hero

The Herbalist’s Hut provides two potions at the start of every expedition before it’s upgraded. These will help you stay alive longer for those difficult fights by healing 4% of your max health per use. Fortunately, you’ll gain two potions every time you complete a loop at your campfire. Unlike other games, your character automatically uses them in Loop Hero. You don’t need to click or activate them.

Loop Hero - How to Use Potions

As shown in the screenshot above, there’s a small blue notch above your health bar. This marks when potions are automatically used so long as you have them. The blue notch’s position changes depending on how many potions you have. When you have three, it sits at 50% health. Two seems around 40% and one seems closer to 25%. These are only estimates based on gameplay. If you upgrade the Herbalist’s Hut at your camp, you’ll gain more potions, likely changing these percentages.

While all classes benefit from potions, the starting Warrior class benefits the most. Since potions heal a percentage of your max health, you gain more by having more health. The Warrior tends to have the highest max health, with the Rogue not falling too far behind. However, the Rogue and Necromancer benefit from magic health once you’ve unlocked the Arsenal card. Magic health works as a shield that recharges completely in-between fights. You can start getting magic health after building the Smelter and Intel Center at your camp. Potions won’t recover magic health.

If you have any other Loop Hero questions, be sure to ask in the comments below for help. Visit more useful Loop Hero guides below to learn all sorts of tips and tricks.

Loop Hero released on March 4, 2021 for PC via Steam and GOG.