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Growing your population in Manor Lords is important so you can tackle new jobs and continue fulfilling the many needs of your people. If you want to get more people, you’ll need to know how to increase approval. This mechanic revolves around keeping your people happy and avoiding annoying negative modifiers simultaneously.

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Knowing what to build first in Manor Lords can be confusing when you’re first starting out. That’s why I’ve put together this simple enough build order for you to get your settlement going. Even after completing a scenario, I still found myself frequently referring back to my notes for a build order. It’s easy to …

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Zero Sievert players wondering what to do with roubles may be confused due to the conversion rate in-game. You’re likely to find bundles of roubles here and there between looting bandits and if you’re lucky, discovering safes. But they can be a little disappointing once you realize it’s not a one-to-one conversion.

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