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Loop Hero – Best Necromancer Traits Tier List

Loop Hero - Necromancer Traits Tier List

Ignore my lack of lakes, I was farming Expansion Orbs in this screenshot.

If you’re playing Loop Hero and looking for the best Necromancer traits, we’ve got a tier list for you. These are my personal opinions based on research and playing the game. If you think a trait should be a different spot, feel free to comment below the article. Keep in mind, you can often create strong builds using traits from multiple tiers. Below the tier list has trait definitions alongside explanations for why or why not to use them.

As far as Golden Cards go, I recommend Ancestral Crypt over Arsenal for the Necromancer. You’ll benefit more from the +3 max health per soul kill. Also, this offsets using Dune/Desert tiles. However, you can still get away with Arsenal for skeleton buffs. One last point, for some reason I couldn’t add the Skilled Architect trait. This provides eight times the loop number in experience when placing tiles. While I haven’t used it, this can help get traits early, but the experience gain seems minimal.

Necromancer Traits Tier List
Necromancer Traits Tips/Notes

Necromancer Traits Tier List

Loop Hero - Necromancer Best Traits Tier List

Necromancer Traits Tips/Notes

S Tier Traits

Unseen Care Permanent +0.5 Magic HP for every summoned skeleton. Stacks up significantly and helps mitigate health losses from Desert/Dunes. Best used early on, but still worth it later too.
Field Practice +.25 to skeleton level for every loop from when you get the trait. Another great trait early on that helps keep your skeletons strong with each loop level.

A Tier Traits

Loop Hero Residual Heat Residual Heat Receive three times the current loop in HP every time a skeleton summon dies. This helps keep you alive especially in the early game when your Magic HP is lower.
Loop Hero Art of Control Art of Control +1 maximum number of skeleton summons. This helps offset the RNG trying to get more skeletons. You’ll always benefit from the extra summons.
Loop Hero Laying Down One's Life Laying Down One’s Life Spread damage to your health evenly across your skeletons. This trait helps keep you alive for those rough hits, especially against bosses.

B Tier Traits

Loop Hero Edge of Impossible Edge of Impossible 20% chance to summon an extra skeleton on the last summon for your max amount. More skeletons mean more damage and potentially summons to take a beating.
Loop Hero Horde Horde Three strengthened skeletons start each loop with you. These are extremely strong early on, sometimes lasting an entire loop. Not sure how they scale late game.
Loop Hero Ambitions of the Dead Ambitions of the Dead When an enemy dies, a skeleton fully heals itself and gains an additional 10% damage and health until the battle ends. Useful for keeping your skeletons going strong. However, this isn’t as useful later since skeletons often get one-hit. Also, it reduces benefits from Unseen Care.

C Tier Traits

Loop Hero Omicron's Technique Omicron’s Technique +1 resurrection charge. Lower tier since it doesn’t help you unless you die. However, this is a decent trait to have if you’re not completely focusing on Loop Hero.
Loop Hero Preparation For a Ceremony Preparation For a Ceremony The first two skeletons summoned daily are strengthened. Remember, this is per day, not loop. You’ll gain a bigger advantage using this with Temporal Beacons. I’m not sure how strong this trait actually is.
Loop Hero Preparation For a Ceremony Lightning Fast Skeletons have a 20% chance for a 3-hit combo that deals 50% damage per hit. I haven’t tested this, but it seems like a low chance to trigger. However, you’d theoretically get 150% damage total from it.

D Tier Traits

Loop Hero Counterattack Counterattack 15% chance of skeletons countering when the hero takes damage. Doesn’t seem worth it, you may have situations where there aren’t as many skeletons if you’re getting hit.
Loop Hero Blissful Ignorance Blissful Ignorance Gain a full hand of Oblivion cards, gaining 10% max HP for each Oblivion card used. This is useful for customizing your run if you’re trying to remove tiles like Goblin Camps, Bandits, and Lich buildings.
Loop Hero Card-Sharp Card-Sharp 10% chance to keep a card after placing it. This helps primarily with building your river using Thickets/Forests. But, it’s a low chance to trigger.
Loop Hero Surveyor Surveyor 0.5 times the loop number in health whenever passing road-side tiles. This trait isn’t worth getting since it relies on a lot of road-side tiles for it to have any major benefit. Surveyor is especially weak early on and only benefits your health, not magic shield.
Loop Hero Shield of Faith Shield of Faith When an enemy dies, the Hero receives a Stained Glass charge that has a 20% chance to protect them. Max of 3 can stack. This trait mainly benefits larger fights if you’re trying to farm Orbs of Expansion, for example. However, you may benefit from using it against spiders as well. D tier isn’t a dead-set spot for this trait.
Loop Hero Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 5% chance for a chest to spawn on top of a killed enemy. I haven’t used this trait, but the percentage is so low you’re better off with other traits.

N/A Traits

Loop Hero Second Thoughts Second Thoughts Get a new set of 3 traits to choose. Only can use once during a run. Useful when you get a bad set of traits to choose from.
Loop Hero Axis Tilt Axis Tilt Time flies 25% faster. Could work well with Preparation For a Ceremony, spawning more enemies, or Meadow health gains.
Loop Hero Gift of Blood Gift of Blood 20% chance on hit for the hero or a skeleton to summon blood lightning. I haven’t used this trait to know how blood lightning works. Feel free to comment with thoughts. Also, the trait description may have been changed by the developer.
Loop Hero Supplies Supplies The hero leaves 10% of findings in the camp when passing a campfire. Doesn’t make you stronger or help with staying alive.
Loop Hero Awakened Fragment Awakened Fragment 2% chance t get a whole resource sphere. Only worth getting if you’re farming resources.
Loop Hero Deep Pockets Deep Pockets Resource cap increased by 50%. Only useful for farming chapters 1-3, since 4 doesn’t have a cap.

If you have any Loop Hero questions or thoughts on these traits, be sure to drop a comment below. And if you’re looking for other useful guides to learn more tips, we have some listed below.


Tuesday 16th of March 2021

Treasure Hunter is great for the later chapters. Treasure Chests later drop as many equipment as there were enemies in that battle, all of which are generally yellow or orange rarity. Considering a majority of the Necromancer's equipment doesn't care about level once at mid-game (I kept a level 7 ring all the way to loop 20 before I found a slightly better one), the chests are a great way to shuffle in new gears to check.

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 14th of March 2021

Just to get things started, I think my ideal traits for a build would be this: Unseen Care, Field Practice, Art of Control, Residual Heat or Laying Down One's Life. Residual Heat would keep me alive in the early game, while Laying Down One's Life would pay off against bosses if my Magic HP was low.