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Loop Hero – What Does Summon Quality Do?

Loop Hero - Skeleton Quality Types

The roguelite Loop Hero has all sorts of vague stats that leave plenty of us questioning what they actually do. If you’ve stumbled upon our guide because you want to know what the summon quality stat does, we’ve got some quick info for you.

What Does Summon Quality Do in Loop Hero?

Loop Hero - Summon Quality Guide

This stat is exclusive to the Necromancer class since it revolves around summoning skeletons. For every skeleton you summon, there’s a chance of summoning a stronger version of the basic Friendly Skeleton. As your summon quality stat gets higher, you’ll have a better chance of summoning advanced skeletons with more health and damage. Every skeleton-type that the Necromancer can spawn to fight for them is listed below:

Friendly Skeleton You’ll see this basic skeleton the most unless you raise your summon quality.
Skeleton Warrior This is a stronger version of the Friendly Skeleton with a focus on dps.
Skeleton Guard This skeleton will save you from dying as their First Target trait makes enemies focus them.
Skeleton Archer Spawns in the back row and can’t be targeted by enemies.
Skeleton Mage Also spawns in the back row and can’t be targeted by enemies. Deals more damage than the Archer.

Is Summon Quality Worth Building?

Loop Hero - Necromancer Class

The Necromancer can be a tough class to play, while also the strongest class in Loop Hero at times. However, it’s not the best class because it requires so much RNG to become powerful. Depending on how your run is going, you may be able to skip summon quality for traits that heal you and add Magic HP. Our Necromancer trait tier list here goes into detail on which traits are worth getting. Regardless, you’ll still want to have summon quality in the early loops to prevent yourself from dying too early with low health. When enemies focus on you instead of your Friendly Skeletons, it’s easy to get killed.

Overall, I wouldn’t make your entire build revolve around this stat. You’re better off focusing more heavily on the Skeleton Level, Max Skeleton, and Attack Speed stats. Our 10 Best Loop Hero Tips and Tricks guide discusses this strategy. Also, when picking a golden card for the Necromancer, people have theorized that Arsenal reduces your summon quality stat. If this is true as it does feel in our own experience, you should probably avoid it. Ancestral Crypt is more popular in the Loop Hero community for the health gains you’ll get.

Before we wrap this guide up, it’s important to note that you can still summon higher quality skeletons with 0 summon quality. You just have a much lower chance of doing so.

If you have any other questions regarding Loop Hero in general, comment below the article for help. As we all know, Loop Hero could use some tooltips explaining stats a little more thoroughly. For more guides, head over to our guide hub here or check out some useful ones below.