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Loop Hero – What is a Resurrection Charge

Loop Hero - Resurrection Charge Guide

As goes with any roguelite game, you’re probably going to die a lot in Loop Hero. In order to avoid doing that, you may be wondering what a resurrection charge is so you can survive longer. This Loop Hero guide explains both what a resurrection charge is and how to get them. Continue reading below.

What is a Resurrection Charge in Loop Hero
How to Get Resurrection Charges

What is a Resurrection Charge in Loop Hero

Loop Hero - Omicron's Technique Trait Lich

The quick answer is that resurrection charges will revive you when you die. Depending on how you’re reviving, you may come back with full health or a much lower percentage. The best way to revive your character is via the Omicron’s Technique trait. However, you don’t have this trait available right from the start. As mentioned in our Best Buildings to Make First guide, you’ll need the Gymnasium to get traits.

Once you’ve built the Gymnasium, you can start getting experience during expeditions for leveling up your character. For each time you level up, you can pick one of three random traits. However, there are still plenty of Loop Hero traits you’ll need to unlock by defeating each chapter boss. Every boss has locked traits unique to them. This is the case for Omicron’s Technique which you can get from the first boss, the Lich. As previously mentioned, this isn’t the only resurrection charge type. Take a look at the next section for a quick explanation of every resurrection method.

How to Get Resurrection Charges

Loop Hero - Cemetery Resurrection Charge

If you skipped straight to this section, we don’t want to leave out the first method mentioned above. That’s why we’ve included it twice in this guide. And as a reminder, you don’t need to do anything once you have a resurrection charge for it to activate. Once you die in combat, it will immediately be used so long as you have one.

Omicron’s Technique This is an unlockable trait from killing the Chapter 1 boss, the Lich. You’ll gain one resurrection charge upon picking this trait. Activated on death in combat, where you’ll receive 100% of your health back.
Cemetery Level 2 Upgrading the Cemetery camp building to level 2 provides one resurrection charge per run. Each Cemetery upgrade raises how much health you receive when it’s activated. Level 2 – 15%, Level 3 – 35%, Level 4 – 55%, Level 5 – 80%.
Ancestral Crypt This is a golden card that you can get from the Crypt camp building, so long as you also have the Intel Center built. You’ll revive once per run with 100% health so long as this card is placed. As a reminder, you can only have one golden card per run. Unless you follow our Broken Geography achievement guide.

It’s worth mentioning that every single one of these methods can be used across every class. For example, you don’t need to be a Necromancer to use the Cemetery. While you may need a little luck to roll Omicron’s Technique when leveling up, you can still get all three. This means you can revive up to a maximum of three times per run. As mentioned in our Best Necromancer Traits Tier List, we mainly recommend the Ancestral Crypt for Necromancers. However, you can still experiment with what class works best with it.

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