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Loop Hero – When to Retreat Guide

Loop Hero - When to Retreat Guide

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Roguelites are tough games that often lead to you dying often. This is why it’s important to know when the best time is to retreat in Loop Hero. By retreating, you prevent yourself from losing as many resources as you would if you died instead. Read our guide for some quick pointers on when you should retreat.

When to Retreat in Loop Hero

Loop Hero - When to Retreat

Nobody wants to see this screen.

Deciding when to retreat depends on how much of a risk-taker you are at times. For every run in Loop Hero, as you place cards, you’ll slowly advance a bar toward the chapter boss spawning. While you can keep playing after defeating the boss, you may be questioning if you’re prepared enough yet. The last thing you want to do is die and lose 70% of your resources that you may have spent 30 minutes gathering.

A good way to gauge when to retreat is based on how well your character is performing in your expedition/run. Are they constantly low health after fights and struggling to stay alive? Are you about to fight the boss, but have no health? Do you feel like RNG screwed you over and your current items aren’t so great? These are a few of the many reasons you might start to wonder if it’s time to retreat. Remember, if you retreat away from a campfire, you won’t gain as many resources. Our other guide here discusses in-detail what happens when you die and how to prevent losing all your resources.

At the end of the day, sometimes you’re better off retreating with your resources so you can upgrade the camp further. The reality is, you’re not always well prepared for the boss. I’ve had great runs as the Necromancer where I simply got destroyed because I had no Skeleton Quality.

If you have any other Loop Hero questions for us, comment below the article for some extra help. And in the meantime, visit our other useful guides for tips and tricks you may not know about.