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Loop Hero – What Happens When You Die

Loop Hero - What Happens When You Die Guide

Loop Hero is a roguelite where you’re likely going to die a bunch, so it’s useful to know what happens when you do die. Actual roguelikes revolve around permanent death, often without any progress staying with you. However, since Loop Hero is a roguelite, it’s not quite as bad. Read below for what happens.

What Happens When You Die in Loop Hero

Loop Hero - Losing Resources Screenshot

If you die during an expedition, you’ll have an option to return with 30% of your resources or use Orbs of Immortality to return with 100%. The number of Orbs of Immortality required is dependent on which chapter you’re playing. The first chapter is one, the second two, and so on. You can get these orbs by killing bosses and retreating home. However, there are at least two methods to prevent yourself from dying after reaching 0 hp. These both revolve around certain buildings in your camp.

If you build a Cemetery and then upgrade it once, you’ll revive once every expedition with 15% health. This is a useful way to stay alive if you’re only just barely losing a fight. However as mentioned, it can only happen once. The second method is if you add the Ancestral Crypt golden card to your deck. This also revives you once during an expedition. Before you can get an Ancestral Crypt golden card, you’ll need to build a Crypt and Intel Center. However, you can only have one golden card equipped at a time. Another popular golden card is the Arsenal used for more equipment slots.

Loop Hero - Retire Expedition

As explained in our 10 Best Loop Hero Tips and Tricks guide, you can retreat early without losing any resources. If you retreat by clicking the picture of a person running near the bottom right corner, you can return with 60% or 100% depending on where you do it. Retreating within a tile of the campfire or on it will let you return with 100%.

Whereas, retreating anywhere else during a loop returns 60%. If you know you can’t make it to the campfire safely, this is often the best option. Fortunately, you can see which resources you’ll lose when doing it away from the campfire. Clicking the retreat button has a confirm option before retreating.

If you have any other questions regarding Loop Hero, feel free to ask in the comments below. Other useful guides here at Slyther Games are listed below.