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Loop Hero – What Does Blood Lightning Do?

Loop Hero - Blood Lightning Guide

If you’ve beaten a couple of Loop Hero bosses, you may have come across a trait named Gift of Blood. Depending on which class you grab it for, it has a slightly different description about triggering Blood Lightning. I’ve thrown this guide together to publish some theories and guesses on what it may do, as it’s still unfortunately unknown.

What Does Blood Lightning Do in Loop Hero?
Current Blood Lightning Guesses/Theories

What Does Blood Lightning Do in Loop Hero?

Loop Hero - Gift of Blood Trait

As mentioned in the above paragraph, nobody seems to know what the Gift of Blood trait does. That includes us, but we’re still going to talk about what we do know so far. Every class can get this trait by unlocking it after killing the Chapter 2 boss. You won’t necessarily get it immediately as there are many unlockable traits unique to each Loop Hero boss. What’s known about Blood Lightning so far is how it triggers for each class.

  • Warrior – I don’t have the direct description for this one, but it supposedly triggers based on Vampirism percentage.
  • Rogue – “Gift of Blood” – On hit a hero can summon a Blood Lightning. Chance is equal to critical hit chance.
  • Necromancer – “Gift of Blood” – On hit a hero or his skeleton can summon a Blood Lightning. Chance is 20%.

Despite the trait’s use being unknown, it still has an animation with red lightning. I’ve triggered it frequently on my Rogue even with a lower critical hit chance near 30%. It’s important to note that you don’t need to get a critical hit as the Rogue for it to trigger. They’re separate from each other. Also, I tried comparing my damage with when the trait triggered, to see if it’s adding damage. As damage numbers are combined, it’s difficult to know whether it is or not. When I had 41-62 damage, I landed a 62 damage hit with Blood Lightning. This means at most, it could have added 21 if I dealt the minimum amount of damage.

Current Blood Lightning Guesses/Theories

Loop Hero - Blood Lightning Screenshot

After reading thoroughly through Loop Hero discussions on Reddit, Steam, and Discord, here are some guesses I’ve come across on what Blood Lightning does. If you have an idea or even the answer yourself, comment below the article to let us know. We’d love to update everyone.

  • Adds magic damage.
  • Adds flat damage.
  • The Fandom wiki says it has no effect, but this doesn’t seem confirmed anywhere.
  • Some people believe it removes Ghoul bodies, but this is likely the Ghoul’s Carrion Eater trait. They devour a random corpse, restoring 25% hp.
  • The Loop Hero developer, Four Quarters, has hidden a couple of secret bosses in the game. It’s possible Blood Lightning is part of another secret. Otherwise, they likely would have told people what its use is on Discord since they’re active there. But it’s possible it’s just bugged and being worked on.

We’ll update this article if/when we find out what Gift of Blood actually does. And as previously mentioned, if you know or have a guess, comment below the article to let others know. For more Loop Hero guides, head over to our guide hub here or check the useful guides listed below.