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Loop Hero – How to Spawn the Final Secret Boss

Loop Hero - Secret Boss Guide

If you’ve heard about the secret bosses in Loop Hero, you may be wondering how to spawn them. Before reading any further, know that this guide contains spoilers regarding a boss. However, it’s not required to complete the game, it’s merely a side easter egg instead. There are two secret bosses we currently know about, with one being the Frog King here and the other below.

How to Spawn the Secret Boss
What to Know About Each Boss

How to Spawn the Secret Developer Boss in Loop Hero

Loop Hero - Secret Boss Incursion

While we haven’t confirmed it, you may need to complete Chapter 2 before doing this. That aside, you can summon them on any chapter. The trick to summoning this boss is by having six unique buildings overlapping each other. For example, using the blue aura zones from a Road Lantern, Smith’s Forge, Vampire Mansion, Outpost, Battle Field, and Chrono Crystal. You can see this in the screenshot above near the bottom right corner. After doing so, a blue wisp/lightning-looking animation will appear on a tile that you need to hit with an Oblivion card.

After using an Oblivion card on the correct spot with six blue zones overlapping, a boss portal will appear here. This is similar to the Incursion tile that replaces the campfire when a boss spawns. For those that want to know what the blue lightning line looks like, we’ve posted that below as well.

Loop Hero - Secret Boss Blue Lighting

We haven’t confirmed every card type, but after doing some research, these seem to be the eligible cards for triggering the spawn. It’s currently known that Storm Temples don’t satisfy the conditions needed. If you find out that any other cards work for summoning this boss, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can update the article.

Road Lantern Smith’s Forge Vampire Mansion Outpost
Battle Field Chrono Crystal Bookery/ Abandoned Bookery
Beacon Temporal Beacon Blood Grove Hungry Grove

What to Know About Each Boss

This is an easter egg in Loop Hero because there are four different bosses named after each developer. We’ve included some details on each boss below so you can go in a little more prepared. Expect a tougher fight than the Chapter 4 boss if you’ve managed to beat that one. If you want to see the dialogue from starting the fight and afterward, YouTuber Video Game DataBank has a video here.


Loop Hero - Deceiver Boss

Pacifist “Against the warrior: always the first target in battle and receives double damage.” Meaning you have to kill them first if you’re a Warrior.
Grind Health is equal to [number of monsters slain on this save*2]. This is for your entire save, not the current expedition.
Item Lover -2% health for each empty slot in the camp supply.
Deadline +100% attack speed when health is lower than 20%.


Loop Hero - blinch Boss

Teamwork Always the second target in battle.
Bunnyhop Evasion is equal to [Loops completed in this expedition*2 (Not more than 50%).
Musica Universalis ??? attack power ???. This number may be visible when checking their stats. There was a +2% damage stat on my run, at loop 13.
Procrastination 30% chance to skip the attack. If this triggers, they won’t attack.


Loop Hero - theRandom Boss

Life-Loving “Against the necromancer: always the first target in battle and receives double damage. Meaning you have to kill them first if you’re a Necromancer.
Pefectionism +5 damage for each unoccupied camp tile.
Story Lover -1% damage for each unlocked monster article (no more than 50%). This is referring to the Encyclopedia lore pages for each monster.
Useless Debate When the health is lower than 60%, causes the entire team to argue for 3 sec.


Loop Hero - finlal Boss

Gullible “Against the rogue: always the first target in battle and receives double damage.” Meaning you have to kill them first if you’re a Rogue.
Speedrun +1% attack speed for each occupied tile in this expedition.
Casual -25% defense for each chapter after the first one.
Not bug, but feature When health reaches 1%: either gives up, or gets +100% hp and fully heals.

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit our guide on How to Spawn the Frog King. But if you’re not interested in that, we’ve also got a Loop Hero guide hub here for every guide we’ve written so far. And we’ve listed a few guides below that may be of interest to you.