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Loop Hero – What is the Resource Cap?

Loop Hero - Camp Guide

A big part of Loop Hero’s meta progression revolves around grinding resources to get stronger. Over time, you’ll slowly but surely piece together memories of the past by rebuilding your camp. Making all sorts of buildings from farms to libraries and so on. Continue reading our guide to learn what the resource cap is for each chapter.

What is the Resource Cap in Loop Hero
Loop Hero Traits For Grinding Resources

What is the Resource Cap in Loop Hero

Loop Hero - Resource Cap Guide

While grinding out loops trying to get the resources you need for each camp building, you’ll eventually run into resource caps. This is a limit on how much of each resource type you can gather during an expedition/run. Fortunately, as you get further into the chapters, the resource cap gets higher. And there’s also a trait that raises your cap too. Take a look below for each chapter’s resource cap.

Chapter 1 Maximum of 10 per complete resource.
Chapter 2 Maximum of 20 per complete resource.
Chapter 3 Maximum of 30 per complete resource.
Chapter 4 No resource cap/limit.

You’ll need to beat each chapter’s boss once before you can get to the next chapter. Depending on how strong you are, you may want to grind lower chapters until you’re confident. Every chapter raises the strength of enemies, as well as how many traits/abilities they have.

This can make a significant difference if you’re not prepared. That’s why it’s important to take full advantage of your camp via buildings like Watchtowers and the War Camp. Our building order guide here helps you understand what to make first.

If you’re wondering about resource caps for the camp, there doesn’t seem to be one, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Between the Loop Hero subreddit and Discord, tons of people have posted runs where they’re grinding thousands of resources. So it’s unlikely there’s a maximum resource cap outside of the expedition itself. However, at this point, you don’t really need that many resources for upgrading the camp.

Loop Hero Traits For Grinding Resources

Loop Hero - Resource Grinding

Once you’ve built the Gymnasium at your camp, you can start leveling up during expeditions and gaining traits. These provide all sorts of useful buffs making your character stronger or helping you grind resources. That’s why I’ve listed several traits below worth knowing about if you’re trying to raise your resource cap or simply get resources quicker.

Also, trait descriptions mention resource shards, chunks, and spheres. Shards likely refer to the pieces that make up complete resources. For example, 12 Stable Branches becoming 1 Stable Wood. Whereas chunks and spheres may mean complete resources such as Stable Wood.

Deep Pockets Resource cap in the expedition is increased by 50%. You can’t get this in Chapter 4 as it wouldn’t do anything. Unlocked by picking it after killing the Chapter 1 boss.
Supplies The hero leaves 10% of his findings in a camp when passing through a campfire tile. This doesn’t raise your resource cap, it only helps if you die or retreat away from a campfire. Unlocked by default.
Awakened Fragment Provides a 2% chance to get a whole resource sphere instead of a chunk. Unlocked by picking it after killing the Chapter 1 boss.
Pick Pocket 50% chance to steal a resource shard from an enemy when countering. Unlocked by default, exclusive to the Rogue class.
Post-Mortem Toll 30% chance to get a random basic resource chunk upon killing an enemy. Unlocked by picking it after killing the Chapter 2 boss.

If this Loop Hero guide on resource caps helped you out, visit our guide hub here for more useful tips and tricks. We’ve also listed some other guides below that may be of interest to you. Another great Loop Hero guide we have is on the Alchemist Tent here for converting resources to other types.