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20 Great Steam Next Fest June 2024 Demos to Wishlist

The June Steam Next Fest for 2024 is over but there’s still time to check out the many great demos. If you’re lucky, you may get a chance to try one still if the developer hasn’t taken it down yet. But even if some of the demos in our video montage aren’t available anymore, you can wishlist them for when they come out.


It can be tough to sort through the demos especially when there’s a Steam event like a Next Fest or one of the many other themed ones Valve runs. Especially if you don’t have the time to search for a game that suits your interests. Fortunately for you, I play a lot of different genres so you’re likely to find a large variety in the montage video. While it does include 20 games, I tried to keep the video from running too long. So I spent a short amount of time describing each one and giving you my thoughts on how well it works.

Just remember that these are demos so they’re not necessarily a finished product. Many things are guaranteed to change and improve over time. And the release date for each game may change as well depending on how its’ development is going. Here’s a quick list of the demos featured in my Steam Next Fest montage:

Feel free to share some cool demos in the comments that you’ve played. It’s easy to miss some of the best ones if they’re not popular enough. Due to the way Steam’s algorithm works, games with fewer wishlists may not rise to the top. Even though there is a trending system for if a game suddenly starts getting a lot of attention.