Valheim Guide Hub

Valheim Guide Hub

Welcome to the Valheim Guide Hub here at Slyther Games for every guide we have. Whether you’re playing for the first time or the hundredth, we have a guide for everyone. Take a peek and if you want us to make a guide on something specific or have a question, comment below. New guides are added as they’re made.

Beginner Valheim Guides

10 Best Valheim Tips and Tricks For Beginners

What is a Community Server?

What to Do With Old Gear?

What to Do With Broken Tools

Do You Get Materials Back?

What Happens When You Log Out

Crafting Station Needs a Roof Fix

Progression Guides

What to Do After the First Boss

What to Do After The Elder

What to Do After Bonemass

Miscellaneous Guides

9 Best Valheim Mods to Install

All Enemy Weaknesses and Resistances

Are There NPCs?

What Happens When You Die?

An Item Prevents You From Teleporting Fix

Every Boss and Their Rewards in Valheim

What To Do With Trophies?

What to Do With a Swamp Key

What to Put in the Fermenter

What to Feed Boars

Will Mobs Attack Portals

How to Guides

How to Install Mods Guide

How to Get Stone Buildings

How to Spawn Items

How to Fish & Where to Get a Fishing Rod

How to Get Every Ore

How to Plant Trees and Farm Seeds

Valheim became available for PC on Steam Early Access on February 2, 2021. It’s an open-world survival game inspired by Viking culture with multiplayer for 1 to 10 players.

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