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Valheim – How to Plant Trees and Farm Seeds

Valheim - How to Plant Seeds Guide

If you’re filled with all sorts of seeds in Valheim and wondering how to plant trees or start a farm, this guide is for you. It’s easy to end up with a bunch of Beech Seeds without knowing how to plant them. This is because you can’t plant any seeds until you’ve beaten the first boss.

How to Plant Trees in Valheim
How to Plant Seeds in Valheim
Extra Info Regarding Plants in Valheim

How to Plant Trees in Valheim

Valheim - How to Plant Trees

Assuming you’ve beaten the first boss, Eikthyr, you can make an Antler Pickaxe and start mining ore deposits. Start searching for Copper and Tin Deposits around the Black Forest biome so you can make Bronze at a Forge. However, you’ll need a Smelter and Furnace for smelting your ore. If you haven’t gotten those yet, you’ll likely need Surtling Cores from Burial Chambers in the Black Forest. Our in-depth guide here discusses the steps after Eikthyr regarding this progression path.

Valheim - Pine Trees Screenshot

These are what pine trees look like for getting Core Wood.

Fortunately, all you need is 5 Bronze, which can be made from 10 Copper and 5 Tin. Then, you’ll need to gather 5 Core Wood from pine trees in the Black Forest. These trees can are choppable with a Stone Axe, so don’t worry about needing to upgrade. Finally, make a Cultivator at a level one Forge using 5 Bronze and 5 Core Wood.

Valheim - Beech Sapling Space

When there’s not enough space around a sapling, you’ll get a message that there isn’t enough room to grow.

Now that you have the Cultivator tool, you can start planting trees. Unlike vegetable seeds, you don’t need to cultivate the soil. All you need to do is equip the Cultivator, right-click, and then you’ll have access to several seed types. Click the seed you’d like to plant, such as a Beech Seed. Then, click a spot on the ground with room around it so it can grow. If a seed doesn’t have enough room, it’ll turn brown and have this message when looking at it, “Needs more room to grow.”

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

Valheim - How to Plant Seeds

If you’re wondering more specifically how to plant seeds like carrots or turnips, here’s how. If you already have a Cultivator as explained above, you’ll need to cultivate some soil. Equip your Cultivator tool, right-click, and then click the dirt icon “Cultivate”. Then, start clicking the ground to turn it into cultivated soil for plants to grow. After doing so, switch back to the building menu (right-click) and pick the seed you’d like to plant. Finally, left-click with the Cultivator to plant a seed in the cultivated soil. Make sure the seed has enough room around it, so it doesn’t wither and die.

If you ever need to destroy a seed because it’s unhealthy or too close to another, you can attack it. An easy way to do this is by kicking with the middle-click button. If you don’t have a middle mouse wheel button, using most weapons works too. Just be careful to not hit too many plants if you’re aiming for one. Fair warning, this won’t return the seed/vegetable.

Extra Info Regarding Plants

If you’re wondering how long it takes for a seed to grow, it takes roughly three in-game days for every seed type. So long as it’s growing in the right biome with enough room around it. Otherwise, all you have to worry about are animals or enemies attacking your plants. A useful trick is that time passes when you rest in a bed. This makes it so you don’t have to wait a full in-game day for a plant to grow.

Where it Can Grow How to Get It
Beech Seeds Meadows, Black Forest, Plains Chopping beech trees.
Pine Cones Meadows, Black Forest, Plains Chopping pine trees.
Fir Cones Meadows, Black Forest, Mountains, Plains Chopping fir trees.
Carrot Seeds Meadows, Black Forest, Plains Harvesting carrot plants in the Black Forest. Planting carrots.
Turnip Seeds Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, Plains Harvesting turnips in the Swamp. Planting Turnips.
Barley Plains Harvesting Barley in the Plains. Planting Barley.
Flax Plains Harvesting Flax in the Plains. Planting Flax.
Ancient Seeds Can’t be planted. Killing Greydwarf Brutes, Shamans, and nests.

If you have any other questions about Valheim, regardless of whether it’s for farming or not, drop a comment below. For more Valheim guides, visit our guide hub here. Other useful guides that we recommend are listed below too.

Brandon Miller

Sunday 14th of March 2021

Once you get the planting basics down, Tree Farming is next, Their is a guide on that down below!