Valheim - Unrestricted Portals Mod

Valheim – Will Mobs Attack Portals

If you’re starting to travel far away from your base in Valheim, you’re likely placing portals down. These help you get back without needing to make a billion different bases…

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Valheim - What to Feed Boars Guide

Valheim – What to Feed Boars

If you’ve started taming boars in Valheim, you’re probably wondering what to feed them. There are also a few tricks you can take advantage of that make feeding boars a…

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Valheim - How to Plant Seeds Guide

Valheim – How to Plant Trees and Farm Seeds

If you’re filled with all sorts of seeds in Valheim and wondering how to plant trees or start a farm, this guide is for you. It’s easy to end up…

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Valheim - What Happens When You Log Out

Valheim – All Enemy Weaknesses and Resistances

If you’re playing Valheim and noticed that your damage numbers have different colors, this guide is for you. Depending on the weapon type you use, you may deal weak gray…

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Valheim - How to Install Mods

Valheim – How to Install Mods Guide

If you’re wondering how to install mods in Valheim, you’re in the right place. This guide covers how to install BepInEx which is required for the majority of mods currently…

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Valheim - Unrestricted Portals Mod

9 Best Valheim Mods to Install

Whether you’re looking for quality of life Valheim changes or new features overall, our list features some of the best mods currently out. As the modding scene is still new,…

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Valheim - Mountains Biome Guide

Valheim – What to Do After Bonemass

Finished taking out the third Valheim boss, Bonemass, and wondering what to do next? This guide dives into how you can start getting better gear, the next biome to visit,…

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Valheim - Fermenter Poison Resistance Mead

Valheim – What to Put in the Fermenter

If you’re wondering what to put in the Fermenter to make some potions, we’ve got a guide for you. If you already know how to make a Fermenter, skip to…

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Valheim - Sunken Crypts Screenshot

Valheim – What to Do With Swamp Key

If you’ve taken out the second Valheim boss, you should now have a Swamp Key you’re likely wondering what to do with. While the item description doesn’t quite tell you…

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Valheim - Crafting Station Needs a Roof

Valheim – Crafting Station Needs a Roof Fix

When you’re first starting out in Valheim, you may run into an issue with your crafting station needing a roof. There’s a common misunderstanding around what makes a roof in…

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