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Valheim – What to Feed Boars

Valheim - What to Feed Boars Guide

If you’ve started taming boars in Valheim, you’re probably wondering what to feed them. There are also a few tricks you can take advantage of that make feeding boars a heck of a lot easier. Continue reading below for our short Valheim guide.

What to Feed Boars in Valheim

Valheim - Carrot Farm Screenshot

Everything that you can feed boars to tame them can also be fed to them when they’re tamed. This includes carrots, raspberries, mushrooms, and blueberries. But, not cloudberries from the Plains, so don’t try feeding them those. Boars will ignore the cloudberries, unfortunately. A neat trick that not everyone knows about feeding animals in Valheim, is you can use stacks of items. For example, you can toss a stack of eight carrots into a pen with animals, and they’ll only eat one at a time.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about splitting up stacks or animals eating a full stack. You may still want to toss a few spread out if you’re trying to tame an animal or if they’re far apart. Boars tend to turn around and grab food if they’re hungry, but they may not always see it.

Will Boars/Animals Starve in Valheim

Valheim - Boar Screenshot Guide

The quick answer to this question in our experience is no. If you don’t feed a tamed animal, it will stay hungry and not breed with others nearby. This means you won’t get baby boars growing your current livestock. Which isn’t the end of the world unless you’re trying to get a supply of food or leather. However, if you’re trying to get a reliable source of food for boars, you can setup a carrot farm. Our guide here explains how to set up a farm in Valheim.

For any other questions regardless of whether they’re food related or not, feel free to comment below. Otherwise, be sure to visit our Valheim guide hub here for more useful guides. We’ve picked a few you may appreciate below as well.