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Valheim – An Item Prevents You From Teleporting Fix

Once you’ve made some decent progress into Valheim, you may run into the “An Item Prevents You From Teleporting” problem. Fortunately, this isn’t a bug and has a simple fix that our guide quickly explains below. Skip to the bottom if you’re looking for a mod to remove this feature.

An Item Prevents You From Teleporting Fix

Valheim - An Item Prevents You Portal

Once you’ve connected two portals in Valheim by giving them the same name, you can travel between them. However, if you get the above message when trying to walk through a portal, this has to do with what’s in your inventory. Any item that has a small blue circle with a red X over it in the top right corner can’t be on you while using portals. This is likely a way the developer is trying to prevent people from speeding through the game too quickly.

Items That Prevent Teleporting in Valheim

Most items that can’t be on you are a type of ore or refined bar. You can find every item that can’t be on you while teleporting in this list below. This is why it’s useful to have a chest near your portals for stashing loot temporarily. If you’re looking to transport these items long distances, wagons are useful for doing so. While they will slow down with weight, they don’t seem to have a weight limit.

  • Copper Ore & Copper Bars
  • Tin Ore & Tin Bars
  • Bronze Bars
  • Iron Ore & Iron Bars
  • Black Metal Scrap
  • Scrap Metal
  • Dragon Egg

Removing the Item Teleporting Restriction

Valheim - Unrestricted Portals Mod

If you want to remove this mechanic altogether, you can get a mod to do so. Head over to our 9 Best Valheim Mods to Install list here where you can find the Unrestricted Portals mod. And if you don’t know how to install mods yet, our guide here explains how in-detail.

Hopefully this short Valheim guide helps you with your item teleporting issue. If you have any other problems while playing Valheim, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. I’ll do my best to help you out even if it’s something simple.

Valheim became available for PC on Steam Early Access on February 2, 2021. It’s an open-world survival game inspired by Viking culture with multiplayer from 1 to 10 players.


Sunday 21st of February 2021

If you want to avoid this and dont want to travel for hours transporting ores...simply create a second game where you build a few chests. Then you can collect the ore in your main game, put it in the chest in the second game, teleport to your base in the main game and just transfer all the stuff back. Feels kinda cheaty but tbh I dont think that the most enjoyable part about Valheim is the ore transportation. It sucks. With boats its more fun tho and I'd suggest you then use the boat for transport...I will never forget when we lost a ship with hundreds of iron ore and had to carefully plan how to retrieve it. We stocked up on buff food, gear and once we were done we started an epic expedition to get the ore back. Felt awesome. ;)


Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

LOL this does sound fun! These are the kinds of things and experiences I would expect from that makes it fun and memorable. Too often are people rushing and complaining to get things done. The devs probably made it intentional to not make it that easy to mass gather ores and wanted people to experience things like ships and managing transportation.


Monday 15th of February 2021

what a stupid idea, yeah make people waste hours of their time to carry ores around

Jeffrey Lerman

Monday 15th of February 2021

Yeah, this seems to be one of the more controversial choices around the Valheim community. One way to speed up some time is if you can build a Smelter and Forge where you're grabbing ore from. This works best later in the game when you're far from your base gathering ores like iron or silver. Otherwise, you're stuck using a Wagon or Boat.

The Karve and Longship are solid for long-distance, but you can still get screwed by the wind. I like the Wagon for short-distance trips like copper when you're first starting out. Fortunately, you don't need a ton of tin.