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9 Best Valheim Mods to Install

Valheim - 9 Best Mods to Install

Whether you’re looking for quality of life Valheim changes or new features overall, our list features some of the best mods currently out. As the modding scene is still new, most mods you’ll find are centered around features the community has been asking for. If you don’t know how to install Valheim mods, visit our guide here.

Quick warning that mods can break your game, may break with game updates, and may not work on multiplayer servers. Every mod in this list is compatible with each other at the time of publishing this article. You’ll also need BepInEx downloaded, which is explained in our how to install mods guide here.

9 – Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus Mod Advanced Building

Mod Developer nX_
Where to Download Nexus

Valheim Plus is the most popular mod currently on Nexus easily because of how many settings you can edit. You can tweak stamina usage, food duration, carry weight, remove the item teleporting restriction, and more. Then, there are other features like a shared map system for multiplayer and an advanced building system too.

The building system makes it easier to place structures as well as editing ones already placed. A neat feature on by default shows experience gain as it happens. Every feature can be found on the Valheim Plus Nexus page.

8 – Unrestricted Portals

Valheim - Unrestricted Portals Mod

Mod Developer xAfflict
Where to Download Nexus

Unrestricted Portals gets an honorable mention alongside Valheim Plus as it only removes the item teleporting restriction. If you’re not looking to go crazy editing config files, Unrestricted Portals is an easy-to-setup mod.

Once it’s installed, you don’t need to edit any files for it to start working. For those that don’t know what this mod is for, vanilla Valheim prevents you from using portals with certain heavy items. These include items like ores and smelted bars.

7 – SkToolbox

Valheim - SkToolbox Mod

Mod Developer Skrip
Where to Download Nexus

SkToolbox creates an easy-to-use player console that extends the number of commands Valheim has. This mod includes useful commands like god mode, spawning items, repairing items, a window that displays nearby enemy stats, and more. We’ve also confirmed that this mod works for both single-player and multiplayer servers.

What’s nice about SkToolbox is that it has several features Valheim Plus does without needing to edit a file. If you’d prefer to spawn items without downloading a mod, check our guide here explaining how.

6 – Discard Inventory Items

Valheim - Discard Inventory Items Mod

Mod Developer aedenthorn
Where to Download Nexus

Discard Inventory Items is a feature many players frequently search for. It adds a simple way to destroy items you no longer want to have in Valheim. This is a good way to get rid of old gear or trophies you’re not sure what to do with. Just be sure you’re ready to delete an item when you do as there’s no way to get it back.

5 – Quick Stack

Valheim - Quick Stack Mod

Mod Developer damnsneaker
Where to Download Nexus

Quick Stack is a quality of life change that I’ve been looking for since I first started playing Valheim. If you’re like me and have tons of boxes for storage, you know the chaos of keeping it organized. This mod stacks every item in your inventory to nearby chests, except for ones you exclude.

By default when Quick Stack is installed, consumables and ammo won’t stack unless you edit the config file. All you need to do after setting up this mod is press a single button to use it (` by default).

4 – Craft and Build From Containers

Valheim - Craft and Build From Containers Mod

Mod Developer aedenthorn
Where to Download Nexus

Craft and Build From Containers does pretty much exactly what the name says. If you want to get right to crafting without needing to search every storage container, this mod does that. It grabs items from nearby containers without needing to have the item on you. This works for both crafting and building as the name says, so long as you’re within range. The range is customizable via the config file.

3 – Time Mod (Pausing)

Valheim - Time Mod Pausing

Mod Developer aedenthorn
Where to Download Nexus

Time Mod is a single-player mod that pauses Valheim whenever you open the game menu via escape. Everything pauses including any buffs or food timers you currently have. This is definitely a useful way to take a break or run away from your computer without needing to worry. Not everyone wants to log out or worry about their base being raided while away. Time Mod is specifically for that.

2 – Gravekeeper

Valheim - Gravekeeper Mod

No need to recover your grave anymore with this mod.

Mod Developer mtnewton
Where to Download Nexus

Gravekeeper is a simple mod that prevents you from losing any items on death in Valheim. While this takes away a lot of difficulty and risk, it’s useful if you need a helping hand. Not everyone has the time to spend hours trying to recover a body when it drops in a rough spot. Visit our guide here for an in-depth explanation of what happens on death in Valheim. This mod doesn’t prevent the skill penalty on death from happening.

1 – Durability

Valheim - Durability Mod

Mod Developer aedenthorn
Where to Download Nexus

Durability is yet another mod from aedenthorn in this list that lets you alter durability drain. Instead of removing durability completely, you can configure each item type with this mod. For example, you can tweak how long a torch lasts or remove durability loss on weapons.

Perhaps you think it’s annoying that hammers take durability loss from building. You can remove that alone if you want. Every item type that can be tweaked is shown in the picture above via the Nexus page.

If you come across some cool Valheim mods not mentioned in this list, be sure to comment below the article. Even if it’s one you’ve made yourself! If you’re having trouble with a mod, you can post on the mod’s page, check the Valheim Modding Discord, or ask in the comments.

No guarantees, but we’ll try to help as well. Otherwise, check out more of our Valheim guides at the guide hub. Or you can visit one of our popular guides mentioned below.


Thursday 22nd of April 2021

Valheim recycle is a great mod, it breaks down the item and returns the base materials used


Monday 1st of March 2021

Valheim Plus has it's own portal restriction removal in it.

Jeffrey Lerman

Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

While Valheim Plus has more features overall, I added the Unrestricted Portals mod for those that only want that. Especially since it doesn't require any setup for it to work.