Valheim – What to Do With Trophies?

Valheim - What to Do With Trophies

Not sure what to do with all those trophies you keep getting in Valheim? There are a few uses, but not too many. Fortunately, our guide dives into what you can do with them below. Before reading, there are minor spoilers in this article regarding the first boss.

What to Do With Trophies in Valheim

Summoning the First Boss
Getting Unique Buffs/Forsaken Powers
Placing Trophies on Item Stands
Crafting the Stagbreaker Weapon

Summoning the First Boss

Valheim - Eikthyr Screenshot

The first use you’ll find for trophies in Valheim is for the first boss as explained in our guide here. You’ll need two Deer Trophies for the sacrificial altar to summon the deer boss, Eikthyr. Other than that, you won’t need trophies to summon any of the other bosses as they require different items altogether.

Getting Unique Buffs/Forsaken Powers

Valheim - Forsaken Powers

The second use is explained by one of the few NPCs in Valheim, Hugin. This is the raven that follows you around throughout the game providing tips every so often. Hugin explains that every time you kill a boss, you’ll get a guaranteed trophy drop. Then, you can bring it to the shrine where you first spawned when you made your character. Each stone has a hook for placing a boss trophy. After doing so, you’ll get an active buff that’s selected once you interact with the trophy.

Every boss has a unique buff that lasts for 5 minutes and has a 20-minute cooldown timer. You can swap buffs at any time by interacting with a boss trophy hooked up at this shrine. And by default, you can press F to activate your “Forsaken Power”. The first buff from Eikthyr provides 60% less stamina drain while running and/or jumping.

Placing Trophies on Item Stands

Valheim - Item Stands Trophies

The third use for trophies doesn’t serve any major purpose. Once you’ve made it far enough into Valheim to get Fine Wood or Bronze Nails, you can make Item Stands. These are placeable on walls, tables, floors, etc. and then items can be placed in them. This works for all sorts of weapons, tools, and trophies as well. It’s a good opportunity to show off your trophies in your base or a massive feast hall.

If you don’t know how to get Fine Wood, you can get it by chopping Birch or Oak trees. These will drop a mixture of normal wood and Fine Wood. However, you need to upgrade to a Bronze Axe to chop these trees. You can get Bronze after killing Eikthyr by using the Antler Pick to mine copper and tin. Once you’ve smelted copper and tin, you can combine it at a Forge to make a Bronze Axe. This is the same path for making Bronze Nails too.

Crafting the Stagbreaker Weapon

The final use so far for trophies is crafting the Stagbreaker club weapon. This is a two-handed blunt weapon that deals AoE damage. You can craft it using 20 Core Wood, 2 Leather Scraps, and 5 Deer Trophies.

Aside from these uses, you can also find every trophy you’ve gotten in the Trophies menu. This is the trophy picture near the top-right corner under the Tab menu/inventory. Clicking it reveals them all alongside short descriptions for each one. Otherwise, if you’re looking to get rid of trophies, our guide here explains how to delete items. For other Valheim guides, visit our guide hub here or any below.

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