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Valheim – What to Do With Old Gear?

Valheim - What to Do With Old Gear

If you’re not sure how to destroy items or what to do with old gear in Valheim, this guide answers that question. There are a few workarounds, but unfortunately at this time, Valheim doesn’t have an easy way to do this. Continue reading the guide below to find out how.

What to Do With Old Gear
Getting Rid of Gear Without the Console
Using a Mod to Delete Items

What to Do With Old Gear in Valheim

Valheim - How to Destroy Items

While Valheim doesn’t have a dismantling system to get resources from old gear, there are still a few uses. First, you can store old gear for when you die and need to make a run to recover your gear. Or perhaps for lending a friend playing the game your gear when you upgrade to the next tier. Otherwise, there is a way to delete items on the floor explained below.

If you have access to the server console by pressing F5, there’s a command for deleting items on the floor. This will permanently delete any nearby loose items on the floor, potentially for a large area around you as well. So if you plan on using this command, make sure you don’t have any important loose items on the floor. If you can’t get the console to appear on your own, we have instructions on how to open it here. Otherwise, follow these quick steps to destroy items on the ground:

  1. Press F5 while in-game to pull up the server console.
  2. Type “devcommands” into the console and press enter.
  3. Then, when you’re ready to delete items on the floor, type “removedrops” into the console and press enter.
  4. Any nearby items will now be destroyed permanently.

Getting Rid of Gear Without the Console

Valheim - Getting Rid of Items

If you don’t have access to the server console for deleting items, there are a few creative ideas you can do. Any method that leads to dropping items in the world will take a couple of in-game days at least for them to disappear. Here are some basic silly ideas people have been doing:

  • Throwing your items into a hole.
  • Throwing them into water if you’re near a lake or ocean. So long as they’re deep enough, you won’t grab them.
  • Dumping items in the ocean.
  • As previously mentioned, store extra gear in chests in case you die.

Using a Mod to Delete Items

If you don’t mind installing a Valheim mod, you can install the Discard Inventory Items mod from our 9 Best Mods to Install list here. This mod adds a feature where you can delete items from your inventory, getting rid of them permanently. For those that need help understanding how to install mods in Valheim, we have a guide here explaining how.

Hopefully the developer creates some sort of way for people to destroy items in Valheim at some point. Whether it’s a dismantling system or simply a way to destroy items altogether. Certain developers create this mechanic by having a structure that lets you destroy items, such as a trash can, for example. While this may not fit the setting of the world, they can likely come up with some sort of idea.


Sunday 28th of February 2021

You can pick it up, log out, log in to a trash world and dump it there. Watch that garbage mountain grow!

Jeffrey Lerman

Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

So long as items don't disappear, you could definitely have some fun with this idea haha.


Saturday 20th of February 2021

You can put them in a chest and then break the chest.

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 21st of February 2021

While not a bad idea, this doesn't destroy the items inside. Which honestly, is a good thing. Could you imagine an enemy bashing your chest and losing anything inside it? Ooph