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Valheim – What to Do After Bonemass

Valheim - Mountains Biome Guide

Finished taking out the third Valheim boss, Bonemass, and wondering what to do next? This guide dives into how you can start getting better gear, the next biome to visit, and tips for fighting the fourth boss. Quick warning, spoilers in this article regarding how to summon the fourth boss.

What to Do After Bonemass in Valheim

Search For the Mountains
Make Frost Resistance Mead
Start Mining Silver Deposits
How to Summon the Next Boss, Moder
Tips and Tricks For Fighting Moder

Search For the Mountains

Valheim - Finding the Mountains

As you’ve probably noticed with the last two bosses, you’ll want to find the next biome for progressing deeper in Valheim. In this case, you’ll need to find the Mountains biome which is pretty common, fortunately. If you see snow anywhere, that’s a sign of the biome. This is where you’ll start finding new items and ore for making stronger gear. Before you can do that, however, you’ll want to check the next step below.

Make Frost Resistance Mead

Valheim - Fermenter Frost Resistance Mead

The Mountains are an extremely cold biome that require certain armor or a Frost Resistance Mead to not freeze to death. If you don’t have either, shortly after ending the snow, you’ll start taking damage over time. While it may be tempting to make a bunch of campfires for warmth, that’s a more stubborn and annoying method. If you didn’t learn how to make meads in our Bonemass guide, we have a complete guide on how to use the Fermenter. For this Cauldron recipe, you’ll need the following items:

  • 10 Honey
  • 5 Thistle
  • 2 Bloodbags
  • 1 Greydwarf Eye

After two days of fermenting, you’ll get six Frost Resistance Meads from the Fermenter. Each lasts for 10 minutes and can’t be stacked, so you’ll need to wait for each one to end. Your next goal is to hunt down some wolves while looking for silver so you can make a Wolf Fur Cape. Wearing this cape will protect you from frost so long as you’re not wet. Wolf Fur Capes require the following items below. A good way to find wolves is to listen for their howls, these aren’t just background sounds.

  • 6 Wolf Pelts
  • 1 Wolf Trophy
  • 4 Silver

Start Mining Silver Deposits

Valheim - Silver Ore

Once you’ve got a way to safely explore the Mountains, you’ll need a Wishbone and Iron Pickaxe. The Wishbone from defeating Bonemass emits a sound and aura when you get close to silver deposits. And the Iron Pickaxe is the only pickaxe strong enough to mine silver. Beware of tough enemies in this biome like Stone Golems, packs of Wolves, and annoying Drakes. You can take out Drakes and Wolves using a bow for the most part, but Stone Golems are durable.

If you don’t have a Smelter and Forge nearby, you may want to make a Mountain base so you don’t have to make long trips back. Regardless, it’s time to start making better gear so you can properly prepare for the next boss. Here’s what you’ll want for the next set of gear:

Wolf Fur Cape 6 Wolf Pelt, 4 Silver, 1 Wolf Trophy
Wolf Armor Chest 5 Wolf Pelt, 20 Silver, 1 Chain
Wolf Armor Legs 5 Wolf Pelt, 20 Silver, 4 Wolf Fangs
Silver Sword 40 Silver, 5 Iron, 3 Leather Scraps, 2 Wood
Silver Shield 10 Fine Wood, 8 Silver

There’s a little less flexibility on weapons to upgrade to, but if you want a cheaper option, you can make the Fang Spear instead. Regardless of what your melee weapon is, you’ll likely be shooting arrows at the next boss more than anything. The silver tier bow is the Draugr Fang, but it’s not necessary. You can get this recipe by finding Ancient Bark, Silver, Deer Hides, and the green slime attached to trees in the Swamp, Guck. If anything, you’ll want to focus on getting stronger arrows for the next boss.

How to Summon the Next Boss, Moder

Valheim - How to Spawn Moder

Before you can summon the fourth Valheim boss, Moder, you’ll need to find their altar for spawning them. You’ll need to search the mountains for small stone fortresses that may have a runestone with Moder’s location. These fortresses/towers are similar to ones you’ve seen in other biomes. Once you’ve found Moder’s altar, you may notice there are three empty sockets. And you can also read the runestone below the altar which says, “Sacrifice her spawn.” This is referring to heavy Dragon Eggs found throughout the Mountains. You’ll also find a good amount of Drakes near them.

You’ll need to haul three Dragon Eggs to Moder’s altar and stick each one in a socket. If you’re playing alone, this is more of a hassle since a Dragon Egg weighs 200 pounds. The highest weight you can carry is 450 if you use the Megingjord Belt from Haldor the Trader. Once all three slots are filled, interact with the altar to summon Moder. Before you do so, if you want some tips, continue reading below.

Tips and Tricks For Fighting Moder

Valheim - Moder Tips and Tricks

You may be a little anxious fighting Moder after dealing with Bonemass having tons of resistances. Fortunately, after testing every weapon and arrow against Moder, you don’t have to worry. There were a couple of times an arrow came back with gray damage. But for the most part, every weapon deals normal/white damage. There doesn’t seem to be any yellow damage/weak spots for Moder either. Regardless, here are a bunch of tips and tricks below for the fight.

  • If you can, try to get a rested buff beforehand so you have quicker health and stamina regeneration.
  • Moder fights both in the air and on the ground, randomly switching between the two. While on the ground, they can easily get stuck or glitched in the terrain.
  • Moder has three main attacks
    • Moder pulls its head back before shooting a frost breath at you. This deals damage and provides a 15-second Frost debuff, slowly you significantly. You can run to either side to dodge it. This is a ground attack only.
    • A ranged attack from the air where they shoot crystals down at you that turn into crystal rocks on the ground. These can be broken, but they’ll eventually break on their own. This attack also deals Frost.
    • A melee swipe attack in front of it when you’re too close. A Silver Shield and Sword blocks most of the damage. You’ll take 1-10 damage on a normal block.
  • If you fight with a bow, most of Moder’s attacks can be dodged by running to the side. The fight may just take a little bit longer. While Poison and Fire Arrows are nice for damage over time, Needle Arrows from the plains deal the most damage. Otherwise, most arrows deal similar damage so long as you hold your aim down the longest possible.

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