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Valheim – What to Do With Broken Tools

Valheim - Workbench Repair Guide

If you’ve been playing Valheim for a bit now, you’re probably getting to a point where your tools have started breaking. Fortunately, the developer handles this generously and there’s an easy way to repair your tools, armor, and weapons too. Continue reading below to find out what you need.

What to Do With Broken Tools in Valheim

How to Repair Broken Tools

Valheim - What to Do With Broken Tools

Broken tools and other types of gear with durability can be repaired at crafting stations. The earliest crafting station is the Workbench where you can repair simple tools and weapons. As shown in the screenshot above, when interacting with a Workbench, there’s a small hammer picture on the right side. Clicking this hammer will repair any item that can be repaired based on the Workbench’s star level.

How to Upgrade a Workbench

You can upgrade a Workbench by building improvements near it such as a Chopping Block or Tanning Rack. These are all visible under the Crafting menu when using a hammer so long as you have unlocked the recipe. If they upgrade a crafting station’s level, they’ll have a small star at the top left corner of its image.

Valheim - Repair Station Level

If you’re not sure what crafting station level you need to repair your item, hover over the item to check. It will say the required level next to “Repair Station Level”. Depending on what you’re trying to repair, you may need more advanced crafting stations such as a Forge for metal tools and gear. This also has its own improvements for leveling it up.

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