Valheim - Workbench Repair Guide

Valheim – What to Do With Broken Tools

If you’ve been playing Valheim for a bit now, you’re probably getting to a point where your tools have started breaking. Fortunately, the developer handles this generously and there’s an…

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Sands of Salzaar - How to Repair Gear

Sands of Salzaar – How to Repair Gear

Learning how to repair your gear in Sands of Salzaar is important so your weapons and armor don’t completely break. This guide explains quickly how repairing works and how you…

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Stoneshard - How to Repair

Stoneshard – How to Repair Your Gear

A commonly asked Stoneshard question is how to repair damaged gear like weapons and armor. Even though I briefly mentioned it in my Top 10 Tips and Tricks article, I…

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