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Stoneshard – How to Repair Your Gear

Stoneshard - How to Repair

A commonly asked Stoneshard question is how to repair damaged gear like weapons and armor. Even though I briefly mentioned it in my Top 10 Tips and Tricks article, I figured I’d answer it more directly here.

How to Repair

How to Repair

Before explaining where you need to go to repair your gear, it’s important to know how to repair your gear. First, you talk to a blacksmith or whomever in a town and ask to see what they’re selling. Once the above screenshot appears showing their inventory, click the anvil button above their items. Then, you click on the damaged gear in your inventory to repair it.

Repairing gear is as simple as that, so long as you’re talking to the right NPC for your type of gear. Take a look below at which NPC you need for which equipment.

How to Repair in Osbrook

There are two towns in Stoneshard where players can repair their gear. The first town you start in is Osbrook, despite it being easy to miss the name in early story dialogue. There are three different NPCs for repairing your gear depending on what you need to repair.

Jebar the Blacksmith

Stoneshard - Jebar the Blacksmith

Jebar the Blacksmith is near the center of Osbrook where all the merchants are at their stalls. He sells the sort of equipment you’d expect from a blacksmith. If there’s any metal attached to a piece of gear, he’s most likely your go-to guy for repairing it.

Examples Include: Metal Shields/Bucklers, Mail Coif, Mail Gloves, Reinforced Staves, Swords, Axes

Jurg the Carpenter

Stoneshard - Jurg the Carpenter

Jurg the Carpenter is near the bottom left/southwest side of Osbrook where you can see piles of logs nearby. Jurg is your best source of arrows and also anything else wooden. If you have a wooden piece of gear that needs repairing, he’s got you.

Examples Include: Bows, Wooden Shields, Staves, Flails

Hold the Tailor

Stoneshard - Hold the Tailor

Hold the Tailor is the one NPC in Osbrook where you’ll need to enter his home to get your repairs. Hold is a grumpy man that will repair your cloth and leather gear. Also, he asks you to bring him pelts from animals and will pay more in comparison to other NPCs.

Cloth or leather. leather boots, robes, belts, cowls

Examples: Leather Boots, Belts, Cowls, Cloaks, Traveling Shoes

How to Repair in Mannshire

If you’re not sure where to repair your gear in Mannshire, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. What’s confusing about Mannshire is that there isn’t a tailor NPC to repair your cloth and leather gear. However, there are two blacksmith NPCs and one repairs your cloth and leather equipment. This one is the apprentice blacksmith.

Otherwise, the main blacksmith will repair your metal weaponry and armor as usual. Also, this town has a carpenter similar to Osbrook where they’ll repair your wooden gear too. I don’t have screenshots for these NPCs as I’ve since reset my character in Stoneshard.

I hope this guide helps you understand how to repair your weapons and armor in Stoneshard. If you need help with anything else, feel free to comment below.

Take a look at the new content planned for the next update and if you need a little help, check out my Top 10 Stoneshard Tips and Tricks.