Stronghold Warlords Review

9 Thoughts About Stronghold: Warlords – Review

The Stronghold franchise has always been a strong source of nostalgia for me growing up on the original and Crusader. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Stronghold:…

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Grounded Guide Logo

Grounded – Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Get your questions answered with our guide on the dangerous jungle that is the Grounded universe. The Table of Contents below is clickable for each question you may have. Before…

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Grounded - Koi Pond Guide

Grounded – What’s in the Koi Pond Update

Grounded’s latest update provides a whole bunch of new content for the Koi Pond area. Developer Obsidian Entertainment released the early access update with the next-gen console launch for the…

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Grounded Set Armor Bonuses

Grounded – Every Armor Set Bonus

If you’ve been playing Grounded, you might be wondering what bonuses you get from wearing a full set of armor. While the descriptions mention what each piece of armor gives,…

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Spelunky 2 Guide Header

Spelunky 2 – Commonly Asked Questions

If you’re struggling in Spelunky 2 and looking for answers to some of the most common questions, we’ve got a guide for you. Click any question in the Table of…

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Best Rougelikes List

Best Roguelikes & Roguelites in 2022

Some links below are affiliate links as part of the Amazon Associates program where Slyther Games earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Are you looking for the best roguelikes and…

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Streets of Kamurocho Sega Free Steam

Sega 60th Anniversary Free Steam Games List

If you’re looking to nab a few free games for PC on Steam, the Sega 60th Anniversary has several available. But make sure you grab them quick, because they’ll only…

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Grounded How to Fight Spiders

Grounded – Learn How to Fight Insects

Grounded has a difficult combat system to master if you’re not prepared going in. Fortunately, it’s nothing too complicated and mainly relies on a mixture of ranged and melee combat….

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Grounded How to Make Floors

Grounded – How to Make Floors

If you’re wondering how to make floors in Grounded, this short guide will teach you how. Fortunately, it’s nothing too complicated and only requires a little progression in the story….

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Grounded Quartzite

Grounded – Where to Find Quartzite

Quartzite is an important resource to have in Grounded so you’re able to repair your tools. If you can’t find a good source of it, I have a few recommendations…

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