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Grounded – Every Armor Set Bonus

Grounded Set Armor Bonuses

If you’ve been playing Grounded, you might be wondering what bonuses you get from wearing a full set of armor. While the descriptions mention what each piece of armor gives, you don’t know what the complete bonus is until equipping everything. Take a look below for every set bonus currently in Grounded.

Updated on 8/3/2021

Table of Contents

Clover Armor
Ant Armor
Acorn Armor
Grub Armor
Bee Armor
Spider Armor
Ladybug Armor
Koi Armor

Clover Armor Set Bonus – Moist

Grounded Clover Set Bonus Moist

Full Clover Set Materials Required – 13 Clover Leaves, 6 Crude Rope, 2 Sprigs

The first armor you’re most likely going to craft is the Clover Armor Set. Each piece provides the +Fuller buff which will make your hunger deplete slower. While the full set provides the Moist bonus which makes you “Stay Quenched Longer”. One can assume that description means your thirst depletes slower too.

Ant Armor Set Bonus – HumAnt

Grounded Ant Set Bonus HumAnt

Full Ant Set Materials Required – 1 Ant Head, 14 Ant Parts, 2 Acid Glands, 11 Mite Fuzz, 2 Crude Rope

After defeating some Worker Ants, you’ll want to use those parts to make an Ant Armor Set. Each individual piece provides the +Hauling Strength buff which lets you carry three more items while hauling. Items such as Weed Stems or Grass planks. The full armor set bonus is HumAnt which makes it so Soldier Ants won’t attack you on sight anymore. However, if you attack an ant, any nearby ants will also come to attack you.

Acorn Armor Set Bonus – Uncrackable

Grounded Acorn Set Bonus Uncrackable

Full Acorn Set Materials Required – 6 Acorn Shells, 5 Mite Fuzz, 6 Clover Leaves, 4 Sap, 11 Crude Rope

Acorn Armor isn’t too difficult to make and it’s a great jump in the first tier. Each piece of armor provides the +Max Health buff which gives extra max health. The full armor set bonus is Uncrackable which people are guessing on what bonus it provides right now. The common guess is that it provides extra defense or possibly higher block durability similar to +Blocking Strength on Ladybug armor.

Grub Armor Set Bonus – Plump & Juicy

Grounded Grub Set Bonus Plump & Juicy

Full Grub Set Materials Required – 12 Grub Hides, 2 Grub Goop, 1 Raw Weevil Meat, 8 Dry Grass Chunks, 2 Mite Fuzz

Grub Armor is a useful tier 1 armor if you’re confident in not getting hit. Each piece of armor provides the +Max Stamina buff which gives more max stamina. This lets you run farther, attack more, harvest more, etc. The full set bonus for Grub Armor provides Plump & Juicy which seems to make your thirst deplete slower.

If you find out what Plump & Juicy does for the Grub Armor, be sure to let others know in the comments below the article. We’ll update this when it’s known.

Bee Armor Set Bonus – Fuzzy Cushion

Grounded Bee Set Bonus Pollen Shot

Full Bee Set Materials Required – 13 Bee Fuzz, 1 Bee Stinger, 6 Silk Rope, 9 Berry Leather

Bee Armor is a tier 2 armor that provides the +Sprint Distance buff per piece of armor. This buff makes it so players consume less stamina while sprinting. The original full set bonus was Fuzzy Cushion, but this was replaced with Pollen Shot. Fuzzy Cushion doesn’t appear to be in Grounded anymore right now.

With that said, Pollen Shot provides a chance to stun enemies with arrows. You can get a free rotten set if you dare search a certain anthill.

Spider Armor Set Bonus – Hunter’s Prowess

Grounded Spider Set Bonus Hunter's Prowess

Full Spider Set Materials Required – 2 Spider Fangs, 12 Spider Chunks, 8 Silk Rope, 7 Berry Leather

Spider Armor is a tier 2 armor that provides the +Hyperstamina buff per piece of armor. This buff will make you regain stamina faster. The full armor set bonus of Hunter’s Prowess makes you run slightly faster. It’s not significant, but with a small experiment, it reduced a 4-second run to about 3 seconds.

Ladybug Armor Set Bonus – Scarlet Embrace

Grounded Ladybug Set Bonus Scarlet Embrace

Full Ladybug Set Materials Required – 1 Ladybug Head, 11 Ladybug Parts, 6 Flower Petals, 11 Berry Leather

Ladybug Armor is a tier 2 armor that provides the +Blocking Strength buff per piece of armor. This buff increases the number of hits you can block before getting stunned. The full armor set bonus of Scarlet Embrace makes you regenerate health.

Koi Armor Set Bonus – Dazzling Riposte

Grounded Koi Set Bonus Dazzling Riposte

Full Koi Set Materials Required – 10 Koi Fish Scales, 8 Eelgrass Strands, 7 Lilypad Wax, 3 Silk Rope, 5 Sunken Bones

Koi Scale is a tier 2 armor set that provides the +Perfect Block buff per piece of armor. The full armor set bonus is Dazzling Riposte. While the Koi Pond update didn’t provide any information on what each buff is, we have an idea of what +Perfect Block does. Commenter Little Man said that it provides a higher chance to stun enemies from perfect blocks.

As for Dazzling Riposte, it’s unknown what this buff does. It’s possible you may deal more damage or stun an enemy longer when landing perfect blocks. Also, you don’t need to kill the Koi Fish to craft this set, fortunately. You can find Koi Fish Scales and Sunken Bones deep in the Koi Pond biome.

I hope this guide for each of the armor set bonuses helps you better understand which armor is best for you in Grounded. Continue learning more about Grounded via our guides on Commonly Asked Questions, How to Upgrade Your Tools, and even where to find tough materials.

Grounded is available in Early Access/Xbox Game Preview as of July 28, on Xbox One and PC. It’s also on the Xbox Game Pass at the time of publishing this article for both Xbox One and PC. Eventually Grounded will be available on the Xbox Series X too.


Saturday 9th of January 2021

Hello. I tested the bee armors "Fuzzy cushion" gives an extremely high buff on for fall damage. I tested it by dropping off of my house which dropped me to almost half life. I used bandages to heal put on the bee armor and dropped off the same spot and tried to land as close to the same spot and took almost no damage at all.


Saturday 9th of January 2021

Ignore my previous comment. I am not sure what happened. I went back and double checked the test. Even without the bee armor I am taking almost no damage.


Friday 20th of November 2020

Each spider armor piece increase speed, I believe they changed the buff on each armor piece to be " the quickening" or something like that, as for the full set, I think it either has something to do with stealth, or possibly a combo of that and faster stamina regen? I'd have to double check the set bonus. Also the quickening bonus works in the water I believe, definitely made farming for stuff in the pond much easier before I had something to increase my O2

Little Man

Sunday 15th of November 2020

The koi fish armor perfect block makes it to where you have a higher percentage chance to stun an enemy from a perfect block

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 15th of November 2020

Thanks for the response Little Man! I added it into the article thanking you for the info as well.


Sunday 16th of August 2020

Grub Armor's set bonus "Plump and Juicy" provides a thirst bonus similar to, but better, than Clover armor's set bonus, "Moist."

Community tested:

Dark Soulaire

Friday 14th of August 2020

first, sorry for long post, but i did some testing. The spider armor set bonus is not speed. Each piece on its own for some reason give a speed bonus. i used stopwatches and the rake handle for consistency. the mite hat, which also has hyperstamina, does not increase speed, but it does exactly what its description says, increases stamina efficiency (like running uses less stamina - the hat is about 20%). The bee pieces (rotten of course) do roughly 30-40% total (10% each maybe?) decreased stamina when running. The aphid slippers ("The Quickness") give a speed bonus of about 20% while each spider part gives about 10%. so something seems like a bug with the spider gear, whether its the wrong effect name on each (hyperstamina), or maybe the set bonus is accidentally being split between all 3? i dont have grub or spider sets yet. When i get the spider gear in survival, ill check for stamina efficiency, or you could assuming you have it. I tested by running at a 3 long wall or so at just a slight angle. it takes about 25 seconds to deplete stamina from running with no buffs. if it also has better efficiency, i would bet that the set bonus is faster movement, but its been accidentally split and given to all pieces. Last thing is acorn armor. I dont know what it does, but since you claimed the ladybug armor allows you to block more times, i thought the uncrackable might have been taking less damage while blocking. In testing, i believe this to not be the case, but the acorn armor does take more hits to be stunned than no armor. So obviously the ladybug armor takes more hits to be stunned than acorn, but its not like a lot more. in my testing against stink bugs, it took 7 hits (relatively quick succession) to be stunned with no armor. it took about 11 in acorn, and ladybug was harder to test because they like to spray in the middle, but id say about 14-16. considering ladybug is around 2X as much armor as acorn, that would be about expected without the +blocking strength(3-5 increase of acorn; acorn being about 4 over base). and you take about half the damage as acorn armor while blocking, again that would be expected. assuming then that each piece would add enough for at least 1 more block on top of more for being better armor, then it doesnt really add up. I'd think those would be the only options for what that means, but i, personally, am not sure. oooo, but after writing that, i tested bee and ant armor, and they only took 7 hits as well (no armor was 7). When using acorn chest, and legs, but bee helmet (same DEF as acorn helm) it took only 7 hits, not the 10-11. I would say im confident then that Uncrackable is a worse version of +blocking strength (and that you are right that it increases hits taken while blocking).

Dark Soulaire

Sunday 16th of August 2020

So I have to correct myself, mite hat doesnt seem to increase running efficiency, i might have had bee armor equipped with it without realizing. It actually doesnt seem to increase efficiency at all, because there's what? 2 actions that cause loss of stamina? running and swinging something right? tested running, and tested punching and swinging a mint mallet and insect axe. none of those offer more swings and at certain swings using the little marks towards the bottom of the stamina bar, they are in the exact same place. I also tested the first time, as again now, but it doesnt make stamina regen faster either, or if it does, its so negligible, that it would fall into "margin of error" territory. hyperstamina might not be working right now. This all come back to, i got the spider armor, and i am not sure about its hyperstamina obviously lol. still working on getting grub armor to confirm what the post below says. cant seem to find any grub, i hope they arent not respawning like the droplets were for me.