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Get your questions answered with our guide on the dangerous jungle that is the Grounded universe. The Table of Contents below is clickable for each question you may have. Before jumping in, know that the only question with minor spoilers is the “What is Weakening the Laser” bit. Otherwise, if you have any extra questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Latest update to this guide published on 11/12/2020 for the Koi Pond update.

Table of Contents

How to Invite Friends in Grounded
How to Get Your First Axe
How to Get Woven Fiber
What is Weakening the Laser?
How to Make a Workbench
How to Get Sap
How to Get Water
How to Break Rocks/Quartzite
How Fast is Time in Grounded
How to Get Spider Silk
How to Get Weed Stems
How to Get Grub Hides
Can You Kill the Bird/Crow?
Can You Kill the Koi Fis#h?

How to Invite Friends in Grounded

Grounded Multiplayer Inviting Friends
The server browser will show any available servers from friends you have added.

If you’re not sure how to invite friends to your online server in Grounded, it’s not too difficult. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no in-game way to invite others to your server aside from having them join you instead. The process to play with friends after hosting an online server is to make sure you’re both added as friends on your platform of choice. Then, the person trying to join will need to go from the Main Menu to the Multiplayer tab to “Join Online Game”. Servers hosted by friends will appear here.

The server browser currently states that upcoming features include game invites, global game search, and session settings. This will likely make it easier to play with others and have even more customization.

How Many Players Can Play Together

Up to four players can play together in a Grounded server. I’d be surprised if this gets increased at a later time, but it is currently in Early Access/Game preview and anything can happen.

How to Get Your First Axe

Grounded Crafting Axe
Crafting your first axe is important for gathering all different types of resources. Plus, it’s a weapon too!

Before you can craft your first axe, you’ll need to gather Sprigs and Pebblets, then analyze a Pebblet at the nearby Field Station. There will be one near the beginning with a landmark telling you where it is. If you’ve lost track of it, you can use the map to find it again. Once you’ve analyzed a Pebblet, you’ll get the Pebblet Axe recipe.

Then, you can craft it using a Sprig, Pebblet, and Woven Fiber. Before you can get Woven Fiber, you’ll want to read the next tip below.

How to Get Woven Fiber

Grounded Woven Fiber
Learning how to get Woven Fiber is important for creating a variety of recipes.

There are two ways to learn new recipes in Grounded and here they are. First, you can pick up the items required to make something and you’ll learn how to make it. Second, you’ll need to use the Analyzer to analyze an item and learn new recipes it’s used for. If you want to make Woven Fiber, you’ll need to gather Plant Fiber and then analyze that.

Once you analyze Plant Fiber, you can use the Craft menu under the Materials tab to create Woven Fiber. The recipe requires three Plant Fiber which is extremely common to gather off the ground. Also, you can get Plant Fiber from breaking grass blades with an axe.

What is Weakening the Laser?

Grounded The Mysterious Machine Laser
The Mysterious Machine has a few pesky problems preventing it from functioning.

The first story mission you’ll run into in Grounded is The Mysterious Machine. Once you turn it on, there are two lasers not making it to the machine for some odd reason. This is for you to find out by following the laser to see what’s not right. If you’re still not sure, here are the two fixes for each laser.

First Blocked Laser

As shown in the screenshot above, the first laser you’ll want to fix is the one nearby blocked by a blade of grass. Simply craft an axe and chop down that blade of grass so the laser is no longer blocked.

Second Weakened Laser

Grounded Lawn Mites Laser
Get rid of those Lawn Mites chewing on the cables!

For the second weakened laser, you’ll have to wander over to it and kill a bunch of Lawn Mites chewing on the wires. There will be a few Lawn Mites above the surface and many underneath. You might want to make a torch since it’s dark in the narrow cavern underneath. If you get to the end of the cavern and have to break a wall, don’t worry, there aren’t any Lawn Mites back there chewing on the wire/cable. If you’re still curious about how to break through that wall, head over to our tip on How to Break Rocks/Quartzite.

How to Make a Workbench

Grounded Workbench Analyze
Use the Analyzer to learn the Workbench recipe by analyzing a Grass Plank.

As you may have learned from previous tips in this article, you can use the analyzer to find new recipes like the Workbench. In order to make a Workbench in Grounded, you’ll need to chop a blade of grass to get Grass Planks and then analyze that at the Analyzer. As shown in the screenshot above, as long as you’re holding the Grass Plank when you use the Analyzer, it will show under the Hauling area. Click this and analyze it to gain the Workbench recipe.

Workbench Recipe – 3 Grass Planks, 4 Sprigs, and 2 Sap.

How to Get Sap

Grounded Sap Twig
Keep an eye out for fallen twigs that may have sap droplets all over them.

Sap is extremely important because it’s used in many early recipes as well as for making Fiber Bandages to heal yourself. If you’re struggling to find Sap, there are two main ways to get it with one method being more common. You’ll want to keep an eye out for fallen twigs or branches that have drops of sap on them. A twig will often have a few drops of sap that you can collect.

The other method for getting Sap is to use a hammer on a Sap Clump that you can find hanging low in certain areas. You probably won’t come across Sap Clumps in the starting area. And fair warning, if you find one, you might be near danger.

Grounded Sap Clump
Sap Clumps are a great source of sap if you don’t mind wandering near dangerous areas.

How to Get Water

Grounded Water Droplet
Water droplets aren’t always easy to find, but they’re definitely the best way to quench your thirst.

Getting water in Grounded should be one of your first goals as you definitely don’t want to die of thirst. Fortunately, the game quickly will give you a tip directing you to droplets of water you can drink. However, they’re often on a blade of grass high above you and you can’t always reach them. There’s a neat trick where you can hit the grass blade with your fists or an axe and it will drop to the ground. Just be careful, they’re slippery and will bounce around.

If the water droplet bounces into any nearby source of water, you’ll lose that droplet. At that point, you might be better off slurping from dirty water and unfortunately, taking a small loss on your hunger. Drinking from dirty water can make you lose give or take, one-fourth of your hunger meter.

How to Break Rocks/Quartzite

Grounded Quartz Hammer
Create a Pebblet Hammer to destroy some rocks for even more new recipes.

Before you can break rocks also known as Quartz for materials, you’ll need a Pebblet Hammer. If you already know how to make a Pebblet Axe, you should be able to make a hammer. Otherwise, make sure to analyze a Pebblet to learn the recipe. Once you’ve made a hammer, simply equip it in your hotkey bar and whack away at a Quartz rock if it gives you the prompt to do so. Eventually, it will break into a bunch of Quartz pebbles for you to grab.

Pebblet Hammer Recipe – 3 Sprig, 4 Pebblet, 1 Woven Fiber

How Fast is Time in Grounded

Time moves quickly in the world of Grounded which is important to know because you’ll lose daylight for exploring and also it contributes to the Analyzer battery. Take a look below for an idea of how quickly time passes.

Real Time 10 Seconds 60 Seconds 2 Minutes 48 Minutes
Grounded Time 5 Minutes 30 Minutes 1 Hour 24 Hours

How to Get Spider Silk

Grounded Spider Silk

If you need Spider Silk for a recipe, you can get it from two different ways. First, you can gather it from spider webs by attacking them with an axe or your hands. Just be careful of spiders nearby as they’re extremely tough and one-hit you if you’re not wearing armor. If you get stuck inside a spider web, you’ll either have to wait or break it to become free. Otherwise, you can kill a spider and they may drop some Spider Silk.

How to Get Weed Stems

You can get Weed Stems by chopping down a Dandelion with your axe. It will drop several Weed Stems similar to how blades of grass drop a few Grass Planks. You’ll have to haul them in your hands instead of carrying them in your inventory. By default, players can carry up to five Weed Stems unless they have the set bonus from ant armor which allows carrying up to eight.

How to Get Grub Hides

If you’re trying to get Grub Hides in Grounded, you’ll need to keep an eye out for grubs tunneling beneath your feet. They’ll kick up some dirt creating a moving trail while they’re moving about. You can get them out of the ground by hitting their trail with an Acorn Shovel. They won’t attack you after popping up, but you’ll still have to kill them to get the Grub Hides. I haven’t found a good source of them yet after exploring for a while searching. If you do, be sure to let me know in the comments below, because I’d love to know too!

If you have any additional questions related to Grounded, feel free to ask in the comments below. And if you have any tips for others, also be sure to share them in the comments! Otherwise, we’ll add more questions to this over time and probably make a tips and tricks list too.

Can You Kill the Bird/Crow?

The August content update for Grounded introduced a massive bird/crow that some players are wondering if you can kill. Unfortunately at this time, there’s no way to kill the bird even if you manage to hit it up close. The bird did however arrive with feathers and some new recipes in the August update. The patch notes for Update 0.2.0 are available here.

Can You Kill the Koi Fish?

Grounded - Koi Fish Boss

The Koi Pond update added a whole new underwater region for Grounded where there’s a giant Koi Fish boss. If you’re wondering whether or not you can kill the Koi Fish, it doesn’t appear so right now. This will likely change, but as of right now, the Koi Fish doesn’t have a health bar when attacked. If it turns out there’s a way to kill it, be sure to let us and others know in the comments below. We’ll update our answer here if this ever changes.

Grounded is available in Early Access/Xbox Game Preview as of July 28, on Xbox One and PC. It’s also on the Xbox Game Pass at the time of publishing this article for both Xbox One and PC. Eventually Grounded will be available on the Xbox Series X too.

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