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Grounded – Where to Find Quartzite

Grounded Quartzite

Quartzite is an important resource to have in Grounded so you’re able to repair your tools. If you can’t find a good source of it, I have a few recommendations for areas to check out. And if you have some tips of your own for others, drop a comment below the article.

Finding Quartzite at the Laser Tunnel

Grounded Quartzite Laser

This short tunnel beneath the ground is an easy source of Quartzite when you’re starting out.

The safest location of the three mentioned in this guide is the southern laser from The Mysterioud Device mission. If you’ve completed the mission, it’s in the tunnel beneath this laser where the Lawn Mites were chewing on the cables. There’s a solid four to five blocks of Quartzite here. The only enemy you’ll run into here are new Lawn Mites.

Finding Quartzite at the Anthill

Grounded Anthill

You’ll want to come prepared with a torch as the tunnels are dark aside from a few glowing spots.

Right behind the starting area, west/to the left of The Mysterious Device, you’ll find an open area with no grass. The mark on the map above has an anthill that’s filled with tunnels and tons of Quartzite. The Worker Ants won’t bother you at first, but once a Soldier Ant locks its eyes on you, they’ll all become hostile. A neat tip to wander around without them attacking you is to wear a full ant armor set.

Finding Quartzite at Shovel Gulch Cave

Grounded Quartzite Shovel Gulch

Similar to the anthill, it doesn’t hurt to bring torches along so you can see Quartzite and Larvae more easily.

The Shovel Gulch Cave marked on the map above is a dangerous cave since it’s loaded with Larvae. Players have reported finding different amounts of Larvae in this cave anywhere from 5 to over 30. Otherwise, this is a great source of Quartzite as well. This cave got its name from the giant shovel outside it also marking its location.

I hope this Grounded guide helps you find Quartzite for your crafting and repair needs. If you have any tips on where other Quartzite locations are, feel free to comment below. Otherwise, we have several useful Grounded guides on how to upgrade your tools and other commonly asked questions.

Grounded is available in Early Access/Xbox Game Preview as of July 28, on Xbox One and PC. It’s also on the Xbox Game Pass at the time of publishing this article for both Xbox One and PC. Eventually Grounded will be available on the Xbox Series X too.