Sands of Salzaar – How to Repair Gear

Sands of Salzaar - How to Repair Gear

Learning how to repair your gear in Sands of Salzaar is important so your weapons and armor don’t completely break. This guide explains quickly how repairing works and how you can keep your gear tip-top shape.

How to Repair Gear in Sands of Salzaar

Sands of Salzaar - How to Repair Forge Tools

When you’re first starting out, you’ll only need Basic Forge Tools to repair your weapons and armor. This is an item that as the screenshot above shows, lets you repair gear within the item levels 1 to 7. Using Basic Forge Tools on a weapon or piece of armor will give it 50 durability which seems to be the full amount for items within this level range. As you get stronger and advance onto higher level gear, you’ll need different items to repair your gear.

To actually use the Basic Forge Tools on a weapon or piece of armor, you’ll need to not have it equipped first. Then, right-click your Forge Tools in your inventory, and it will create a window with all damaged gear in your inventory. Select the gear you’d like to repair by left-clicking it, and then confirm to repair it.

Higher Level Forge Tools

Advanced Forge Tools cover weapons and armor up to level 12. While Ultimate Forge Tools can repair everything beyond level 12. Certain expeditions in Sands of Salzaar are more likely to drop repair tools. But, you should still keep an eye out at different merchants and bazaars for them. Nobody wants to lose a good set of gear, that’s for sure. According to some people, Redstone Keep is a popular spot to buy tools.

Where to Find Repair Tools

All three types of tools are regularly stocked at the Redstone Keep in Redstone, Mireton in Umbra Cliffs, and Frost Valley in Zagros Mountain. Just talk to the merchant at each city and they’ll have 10 of each tool available. I don’t know when they come back in stock, but it’s likely a one week (seven day) cycle.

  • Basic Forge Tools – 50 Utar per one
  • Advanced Forge Tools – 100 Utar per one
  • Ultimate Forge Tools – 200 Utar per one

I hope this short guide helps you understand how to repair gear in Sands of Salzaar. If you have any other questions regarding the game, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. Check out our other guides regarding the Dakn Tournament riddles and how to heal your units.

Sands of Salzaar released for PC via Steam Early Access on January 2, 2020, with the Chinese language first. It received an English translation update on September 22, 2020. The Chinese translation of the game’s name is 部落与弯刀.

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