Noita Shrine

Noita – What Are Faraway Land Portals?

If you’ve ever stumbled across the Faraway Land portals in Noita, you might be wondering where they go. If you haven’t, we’ve got a short guide to show how you…

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Deep Rock Galactic Union

Deep Rock Galactic – Join the Interplanetary Miners Union (New)

Join the Interplanetary Miners Union in Deep Rock Galactic and earn rewards for just playing the game. 80 hours into Deep Rock Galactic and I only just heard about the…

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Deep Rock Galactic Ammo

Deep Rock Galactic – How to Call in Ammo Guide

One of the most important things to know while fighting alien bugs in Deep Rock Galactic is how to call in ammo. If you don’t know, don’t worry, we’re here…

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Noita Bosses Guide

Noita – Every Boss and Mini-Boss Guide

Before reading any further, know that this article contains major spoilers about the roguelike Noita. If you don’t want to see major bosses and spoilers about them, don’t continue. If…

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Noita Install Mods

Noita – How to Install Mods Guide

Today’s Noita guide is a simple one about how to install mods. It’s easy to enjoy Noita without mods and not realize there’s a whole world with fun ways to…

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Deep Rock Galactic Guntower Guide

Deep Rock Galactic – Guntower Machine Event Guide

Deep Rock Galactic has a new machine event that features a Guntower gone mad. Whether you’ve run into one yet or not, this guide gets right to the point on…

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Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic – How to Promote Guide

One of the commonly asked questions by Deep Rock Galactic players is how to promote their class. When I first promoted my Scout, I had no idea where to go…

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Noita Header

Noita – Perk Tier List Guide

If you’re looking for the best perks to use in Noita, take a peek at our Perk Tier List below. This guide uses my personal experiences with each perk and…

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Noita Header

Noita – What is a Daily Run?

Noita’s Daily Run mode is one of the three currently released ways to play the game. It’s a common mode frequently in roguelikes where everyone can play the same world/seed…

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Noita Nightmare Mode

Noita – What is Nightmare Mode?

The developers behind Noita added the new Nightmare mode for players looking for a challenge. Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that loves to write, stream, and make content about video…

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