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Deathloop – How to Invade Other Players

Deathloop - How to Invade Guide

Deathloop is an action-FPS where you’re constantly trying to break an infinite loop without failing and resetting it. While making your way from area to area as the day goes on, you may occasionally get invaded by Julianna. This is the antagonist that has it out for you right from the start.

One thing that not everyone knows is that other players can fill the role of Julianna instead. This means hopping into another player’s game to mess with them and potentially reset their loop. Continue reading our Deathloop guide to learn how to invade other players.

How to Invade Other Players in Deathloop

Deathloop - How to Unlock Julianna

You can still get back to this screen to swap from Colt to Julianna by simply backing out from the menu.

Before you can start hunting players and friends of yours, you’ll need to advance the story a bit. Once you’ve completed the visionary lead, “The Longest Day”, you’ll unlock the invasion mode. This is the choice to “Protect the Loop” when you first start up Deathloop instead of playing as Colt and trying to break it.

Choosing to protect the loop leads to a short in-game area with story before you can put together a loadout. Once you’re done with that area, you’ll be at the PvP screen similar to Colt’s loadout area. Chances are this is your first time and you won’t have much to equip quite yet. This is because there’s a leveling system for playing as Julianna.

Deathloop - How to Get Weapons Julianna

You’ll unlock new weapons and gear for Julianna as you increase your Hunter Rank from playing.

By accomplishing different feats while on the hunt, you’ll earn points toward your Hunter Rank. As you unlock more feats and perform better, you’ll get extra points and eventually new gear. This includes trinkets, weapons, and slabs as well. Here are some examples of the feats you can get:

  • Squatter – Survive for 3 minutes during an invasion.
  • Sharpshooter – Shoot Colt in the head during an invasion.
  • You Lose Some – Die during an invasion.
  • Unscathed – Win an invasion without healing yourself.

If you want to invade random players online all you need to do at the loadout screen is press the button that says, “Invade Random Timeline”. This will put you into a matchmaking queue for a player session where they’re hunting a visionary. Areas without a visionary target can’t be invaded.

Whereas if you’d prefer to hunt down friends of yours, you can use the button next to it that says, “Invade Friend’s Timeline”. Just make sure that your friend has the Friends Only Mode enabled. Our guide on How to Pause covers how to change modes.

How to Disable Player Invasions in Deathloop

Deathloop - Single Player Mode

Players can disable invasions from other people by changing their mode to Single Player Mode.

If you’re tired of other players jumping into your game and ruining your experience, don’t worry, there is a solution. While you can’t disable invasions altogether, you can set it to only have the AI control Julianna instead. You’ll need to change from Online Mode to Single Player Mode as explained in our How to Pause guide.

It’s often easier to deal with the AI instead of an experienced player. With that said, you do have a chance to get even better loot from beating someone playing as Julianna. So it’s definitely a gamble depending on how you feel.

That’s all there is to this guide on how to invade other players in Deathloop. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask below. And I’ll try to help out if I can.