10 Best Deathloop Tips and Tricks

Deathloop Tips and Tricks Guide

Prepare for the action-FPS Deathloop using these tips and tricks so you can avoid looping prematurely. I’ll help you get ready whether you’re just booting up the game or have been playing for a bit. Due to how complex certain mechanics can get, I’ve avoided going deep into detail to avoid spoilers.

Table of Contents

Tip 1 – Search For Multiple Paths
Tip 2 – Explore Before Leaving an Area
Tip 3 – Don’t Underestimate the Machete
Tip 4 – How to Heal in Deathloop
Tip 5 – Get the Shift Slab
Tip 6 – Take Advantage of Tagging
Tip 7 – Hack Turrets For Fun Results
Tip 8 – You Can’t Always Make Progress
Tip 9 – Play Quiet When First Starting Out
Tip 10 – Infuse Your Gear in Deathloop

Tip 1 – Search For Multiple Paths

Deathloop - Alternate Paths Tip
Always search for alternative routes down low or up high.

As a huge fan of Dishonored, I’m familiar with how Arkane Studios often has great level design in their games. This is why it’s important to always keep an eye out for several ways to get through an area. You’ll especially want to look for routes above or below you.

For example, running along a rooftop may lead to a second-story window. Or checking under a bridge and finding a secret tunnel. While there are only four main districts to explore in Deathloop, each one has four different times of day to play it. Every time has a completely different experience and feel to learn.

Tip 2 – Explore Before Leaving an Area

Deathloop - Explore For Clues
Keep an eye out for little sheets of paper or radios that have a story to tell.

Missions early on tend to push you forward once you complete your goal for an area. However, you can still explore and look for clues that may benefit you later. While you can always return at a later time, it doesn’t hurt to check notes and eavesdrop too. 

Even if you’re someone that prefers not to read every note, you can still check them quickly. A tooltip on the side frequently summarizes it or your character will have some insight. These clues often lead to side activities, alternate routes, and powerful weapons.

Tip 3 – Don’t Underestimate the Machete

Deathloop - Machete Stealth Screenshot
Be careful of enemies with a radio like this one that can easily call for reinforcements.

One of my favorite weapons in Deathloop right from the start is the machete. Aside from being great for a stealthy playstyle, it’s extremely strong. You can use it to get a quick execution from behind or an easy combo on someone facing you. As long as you don’t mind the violent animations, it’s quite satisfying jumping between targets.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the machete in the PvP mode as well. There’s nothing more rewarding than catching another player off-guard with it. You’ll quickly make others learn that their back is never safe.

Tip 4 – How to Heal in Deathloop

Deathloop - How to Heal
Healing Stations are easily the best way to get your health back if you’re safe.

The two main methods for healing are drinking small red bottles called Fiz-Pop and using Health Stations. The more you play Deathloop, the more you’ll learn the Fiz-Pop spawns. However, Health Stations are even better since you can heal to full health using them. And they don’t seem to run out of charge either.

Tip 5 – Get the Shift Slab

Deathloop - Shift Slab Ability
Combining the Shift slab ability with the Reach upgrade is great for your mobility.

The first ability/slab you should get in Deathloop is Shift since it lets you teleport around. This is a short distance teleport in any direction or a blink for those familiar with the term. You’ll probably equip this ability and never get rid of it because of how useful it is.

While you have a chance of getting it in your first fight with the AI Julianna, I can’t confirm whether it’s 100% or not. Therefore, once you get an opportunity to hunt Charlie Montegue, take it. Shift helps with reaching rooftops, windows, escaping, and even using it aggressively. If you’d like to know about other abilities, visit our guide on All Slabs and Slab Upgrades.

Tip 6 – Take Advantage of Tagging

Deathloop - Tagging Enemies
Did you know you can focus on an enemy after tagging them to get little tidbits about them?

This is an early mechanic that Deathloop introduces you to but it’s still important to emphasize. I urge you to take advantage of tagging enemies even if you only do it for small groups. This will help you follow enemies as well as learn what weapons they have. Another neat way I use this mechanic is marking targets.

With that said, if you prefer to give yourself more of a challenge, I understand opting out of using it. Even though it’s also great for keeping an eye on how aware enemies are of you.

Tip 7 – Hack Turrets For Fun Results

Deathloop - Hacking Turrets Screenshot
Hacking turrets in Deathloop is a fun way to take out enemies.

The Hackamajig device will quickly become your best friend for sabotage and getting around safely. While I frequently use it to hack sensors, it’s also a great time turning turrets against enemies. One of my favorite tricks in Deathloop is hacking a turret, grabbing it, and then tossing it into a room with enemies.

You can activate it again from a distance so long as you can still see it with the Hackamjig. This can definitely work for taking a room by surprise when you toss it in from a ceiling light. Or perhaps setting a trap for a bunch of enemies to wander into.

Tip 8 – You Can’t Always Make Progress

Deathloop - Time Phases Cycle
Sometimes you’ll need to manually pass time so you can experience content in a different area or time of day.

While you should explore an area for clues to help you later, it’s important to still push forward. You may occasionally come across a locked door or safe that you can’t open yet. Sometimes the clue you need is in a different area or simply a different time of day. 

As you get further into Deathloop, you’ll start to have plenty of leads and clues for content in each zone. This is where the game really starts to come together as you get a good grasp of what’s going on. Remember that you can always revisit an area in the next loop.

Tip 9 – Play Quiet When First Starting Out

Deathloop - Quiet Nail Gun Screenshot
Charge up the nail gun to get a one-hit shot to the head of almost any enemy. And nobody will even hear it.

When you first start playing Deathloop you won’t have fancy weapons and abilities yet. This is why you should especially play a little more slowly and quietly. Also, it doesn’t hurt to take this time to learn the map so you can figure out how to play it.

With that said, you can still take advantage of the nail gun and machete for some silent action. Playing quietly doesn’t necessarily mean a pacifist run by any means. But don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long for your power to ramp up.

Tip 10 – Infuse Your Gear in Deathloop

Deathloop - Residuum Infusing
You can easily find Residuum by listening to the loud sound it makes when you’re nearby. This sound is similar to trinkets on the floor, however.

A huge Deathloop mechanic is infusing items so you keep them when a loop resets. This is a form of meta progression that some people may recognize in roguelites. You won’t have access to it immediately, but it is introduced relatively early on.

You’ll need to search for glowing items around Blackreef that provide Residuum when harnessed. This is a currency that you can use to infuse weapons, useful trinkets, and slab abilities too. If you want to get that perfect loadout together, you’ll want to spend time looking for Residuum. A great way to get it quickly is beating Julianna and other major targets too.

That’s all there is to my Deathloop guide filled with tips and tricks to help you get started. If you have any questions that come up while playing or even beforehand, feel free to comment below. And I’ll do my best to help out if I can.

A Deathloop key was provided by a PR agency for the purpose of our coverage.

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