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Deathloop – How to Infuse Gear

Deathloop - How to Infuse Gear

Stop losing gear in Deathloop by learning how to infuse your trinkets, weapons, and slab abilities too. If you’ve ever noticed a loud glowing object in Blackreef, this is what it has to do with. Chances are you still need to make a little more progress before you can permanently keep items. Continue reading our guide for the answer to how does infusing work and how to sacrifice items too.

How to Infuse Gear in Deathloop

Before this action-FPS world really opens up, you’ll need to complete a few loops of linear missions. This can take around three hours depending on how quick or slow you’re going. It’s bound to take a slightly different amount of time for each player.

Regardless, you’ll eventually reach an afternoon mission at The Complex to hunt Dr. Wenji Evans. Unlike the majority of visionary targets in Deathloop, Wenji doesn’t have a slab ability. However, this mission leads to unlocking the infusing system so you can permanently keep gear. This is the visionary lead, “Find Wenjie’s Research” that leads to The Compex mission, “Ubiquity”.

Spoilers below regarding the Ubiquity mission for how to infuse gear.

Deathloop - The Complex Wenji Screenshot

When you start taking out Wenji clones they’ll evaporate sending a line to several others.

Once you’ve finished taking out every Wenji clone, the mission has you take part in an experiment. This immediately kills you and resets the loop back to the start. But, you now have the ability to gather Residuum. You can get this currency from the loud glowing items and spend it to infuse gear. Depending on the rarity of an item, it will cost a different amount of Residuum.

Now when you return to the lobby menu, check out the loadout page where you can slot weapons and slabs. This will now have a button on the left side that says, “Infuse Gear” and shows the amount of Residuum that you have. Or if you make it to the end of a full loop without resetting, you’ll get another chance to infuse.

Deathloop - Infuse Gear Loop End

If you successfully complete an entire loop, you’ll get an opportunity to infuse gear with whatever Residuum you have left. You won’t keep any going into the next loop.

For those of you playing on PC, you can infuse an item by hovering over it with your mouse and then holding the enter button down. This only works for items with an hourglass symbol since they haven’t been infused yet. For recommendations on items to infuse, visit our What to Infuse First guide.

How to Sacrifice Gear in Deathloop

Deathloop - Loadout Weapons Screenshot

Make sure to bring high rarity weapons back to the tunnels so you have valuable items to sacrifice for Residuum.

Sacrificing items is another way to get Residuum if you have a ton of trinkets or weapons that you don’t care about. Especially if you’re at the end of a loop and want to infuse an item you don’t have enough Residuum for.

All you need to do is visit the Infuse Gear area and select an item you want to sacrifice. For those playing Deathloop on PC, hover over it and then hold the Delete button. It won’t be sacrificed until you click and hold the Sacrifice button at the bottom right corner. However, once you select one item to be sacrificed, you can click more without needing to hold Delete.

Deathloop - How to Sacrifice Items

You can sacrifice weapons, slabs, and all sorts of trinkets to get some extra Residuum.

This system likely works the same for those playing on console, despite using other buttons. If you’re playing Deathloop on PlayStation 5, comment below to let us know what the buttons are. And I’ll update this article crediting you.

That’s all there is to this guide on how to infuse gear in Deathloop. If you have any other questions feel free to ask in the comments below. Otherwise, be sure to visit one of the many other useful guides listed below as well.