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Deathloop – All Character Trinkets Guide

Deathloop - All Character Trinkets Guide

Deathloop is filled with all sorts of fun character and weapon trinkets that you can use to become stronger. This is why I put together this complete list of all the character trinkets you can equip. Anything from increasing your max health to hacking enemy mines. Take a look at our list below to put together the perfect build.

Also, near the bottom of our guide has recommendations for the best trinkets to equip. Certain ones are better for different playstyles. But at the same time, certain ones aren’t really worth using at all.


All Character Trinkets in Deathloop

Deathloop - Purple Character Trinkets

Each of the tables below list the trinket name and the description provided in-game. However, it’s possible descriptions may vary slightly depending on the rarity of the item. For example, a gray rarity item may say “slightly increases health” while a purple one says, “greatly increases health”. Regardless, the purpose of what it does still gets across.

It’s also worth mentioning that certain trinkets only have one rarity/version of them. For example, the early character trinket Spring Heeled that lets you double jump is only purple. So you’ll never find it as a different rarity. And finally, the trinkets below aren’t listed in any particular order.

Make sure to infuse trinkets that you like so you don’t lose them when the loop resets.

Trinket Name Description
Comeback Kid Regenerate more total health.
Glass Cannon Deal even more damage, but suffer more damage.
Swift Shadow Move even faster while crabbing it up. Er, when crouched.
Slow Fuse Enemies’ explosives take longer to detonate.
Swift Stitch Regenerate health faster.
Backstabber Deal moderately increased damage when attacking from behind.
Turtle Shell Take less damage from everything.
Hard Headed Eternalists aim for the body, but bullets can still hit your head. Go prepared.
Stab n Grab Melee kills grant you several bullets. Where does it come from?
Spring Heeled Double-jump in mid-air. A classic maneuver.
Trinket Name Description
Master Hacker The hackamajig speedily hacks stuff from hackable to hacked.
Last Stand Deal more damage when low on health. The best revenge is served immediately.
Scavenger’s Luck Loot even more ammunition from all sources.
Renewable You regenerate power quickly.
Plasma Power When you’re out of power, Slabs efficiently draw from your health instead.
Unstoppable Force Sprinting into an enemy damages them further and knocks them down.
Never Say Die Maximum health is increased.
Sprinter Move with additional speed and grace, like a balletic giraffe.
Juiced Up Maximum power is greatly increased. Maximum. Power.
Gunslinger Recoil is reduced while dual-wielding.
Trinket Name Description
Mine Own Hack mines. Turn them against your enemies or detonate them remotely. Thanks, Mr. Hackamajig.
Deep Pockets Carry loads more ammunition. Lock and load and load and load.
Stone Wall Inflict reduced damage, but suffer reduced damage.
Mechanical Affinity Friendly nearby turrets and nullifiers are tougher. Turrets dish out more damage.
Party Time Take less damage when people are near, you party animal.
Fast Hands Reload both guns in a blink of an eye when dual-wielding. Like a cowboy, baby.
Golden Harvest Harvest more Residuum from all sources.
Lightning Strike The distance over which your weapon does full damage is increased.
Creeping Death Make barely a whisper of a sound while moving. Be the night breeze.
Steel Lungs Gas exposure now heals you. Enjoy the scent of airborne toxins in the morning.
Trinket Name Description
Silver Lining Add many bullets that hit you to your own ammunition. Return to sender.
Slick Slide Slide slightly further. Slip slide away.
Explosive Healing Your mines and grenades are medical marvels, significantly healing those they hit.
Personal Touch Barehanded assassinations are quicker, and you kick like a mule.
Poisoned Chalice This Trinket drains your health. In exchange? Jack shit.
Double Trouble Shot spread is greatly decreased when dual-wielding. Double fisting!
Pistolero Deal greatly increased damage while dual-wielding. Bang bang.
Splashdown Create a larger blast around you when you drop from a height.
Bloodthirsty Brawler Recover a bit of health when dealing melee damage – even with your feet.
Cat Fall Take less damage from falls. Shrug it off.
Tracker Your charges do no damage, instead marking enemies with Focus in an expansive radius.
Extended Signal Hack devices from crazy far away.

Best Character Trinkets in Deathloop

Deathloop - Best Trinkets to Use

Before getting into the best character trinkets to equip, it’s always worth mentioning that this is strictly my opinion. Thankfully I was able to put a lot of time into Deathloop pre-release to track down all the trinkets above. This has helped with finding the ones I like best.

Spring Heeled – While you do get this first early on, I love it for getting around the map combined with the Shift slab. However, you can likely get rid of it and just rely on Shift if you prefer. With that said, this is a quieter option while playing as Julianna.

Juiced Up – Getting an extra energy bar is huge for both playing as Colt and Julianna. It helps you get that tiny bit more out of your abilities really taking advantage. Even if you’re just using it to teleport through an area quickly.

Master Hacker – This makes it a heck of a lot quicker to hack devices in Deathloop. I love to use this for hacking turrets facing me without getting hit because it’s relatively fast. Also, this is a great character trinket for hacking doors open quickly when you’re playing quietly.


Extended Signal – This trinket lets you hack devices from extremely far away. This is especially powerful when combining it with Master Hacker so you never have to worry about enemy devices.

Never Say Die – This is useful if you find yourself struggling to stay alive since it increases your maximum health. I love this especially when playing as Julianna to help tank those tough hits.

Golden Harvest – If you’re trying to gather up Residuum and infuse more gear, you can use this to get more Residuum. It just makes you get more when harvesting it in-game. Which you can likely use to take advantage of the secret Updaam cave safe.

Turtle Shell – For those of you that play aggressive, you’ll want Turtle Shell to take less damage. This will help you stay alive especially paired with Never Say Die.


Mine Own – This character trinket is more of a fun one that’s situational. It lets you hack mines that you can even detonate remotely.

That’s all there is to this Deathloop guide on all character trinkets you can find and equip. If you come across one that’s not on our list, feel free to comment below and we’ll add it. What trinket do you think is the best?

A Deathloop key was provided by a PR agency for the purpose of our coverage.


Saturday 13th of November 2021

I recieved Tracker as Colt by killing Juliana during an assassination attempt on me. Check! Nice to have on both characters.


Sunday 19th of September 2021

how do you get the Poisoned Chalice trinket?

Jeffrey Lerman

Monday 20th of September 2021

I'm not positive offhand, but I don't think I did anything crazy. I definitely got it as Colt, so it's not exclusive to Julianna. Even though I'm pretty sure Tracker is Julianna only.