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Muck – What is the Best Weapon

Muck - What is the Best Weapon

Have you been playing survival game Muck and are wondering what the best weapon is? If so, this guide is for you so we can debate which weapon you should aim for. Fortunately, we also have seeds where each one is immediately available. Continue reading our guide below.

What is the Best Weapon in Muck

With each update adding new content to Muck, we’re frequently getting new weapons that top the previous version. If you first played at launch, the best weapon was the Chunky Hammer due to its high damage. Even though it does attack slower than a sword. However, this has been passed several times over with each update.

The best weapon is now a tie between the Night Blade and Chief’s Spear. While the Chief’s Spear attacks slightly slower than the Night Blade, it deals higher damage. And it can also reach farther which can be a nice advantage too.

It’s worth mentioning the Obamium Sword that was added in Update 4, even though it doesn’t compete. Some people may be wondering if it’s better than the Night Blade, but it has nowhere near the same amount of damage. This is at least according to data miners as it can be difficult to see in-game.

If you’re looking for the best ranged weapon alongside your Night Blade or Chief’s Spear, you’ll want the Ancient Bow. This fires three arrows at once for a nice chunk of damage. You’ll especially want this when fighting the final Muck boss. Even though you don’t need this bow for them, it certainly comes in handy.

If you’re curious about what you need to craft these weapons, here’s each recipe. Otherwise, you can skip to the next section to find Muck seeds that spawn you near the Night Blade or Chief’s Spear.

Night Blade – 10 Obamium Bars, 15 Dark Oak Wood, 1 Black Shard

Chief’s Spear – 15 Dark Oak Wood, 1 Spear Tip (from the Chief)

Ancient Bow – 1 Rope, 1 Ancient Bone (at a Fletching Table)

Best Muck Weapon Seeds

Muck - Best Weapon Seeds

Take advantage of the best seeds to get an early advantage.

If you’d prefer to spawn into a world that already has one of the two best weapons, these are the seeds you’ll want to use. If you’re not sure how to enter a seed or want to see even more, you can visit our Best Muck Game Seeds guide.

Night Blade Seed – There are plenty of different ones for the Night Blade, but this one is my personal favorite: “221294511”. Once you spawn, look for a cave nearby that has it inside a chest in the cave.

Chief’s Spear Seed – Take advantage of this seed to get the Chief’s Spear immediately, just be careful of nearby Woodmen: “-1949318587”. Once you spawn, make your way to the north/top of the map by the water. You’ll find a village with a Chief’s Chest that has it inside.

If you have any other Muck questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments below. Be sure to visit the guide hub for more useful tips and tricks. Such as How to Get Black Shards or What the Best Armor is.