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Muck – What Does Obamium Do?

Muck - What Does Obamium Do

The free survival roguelite Muck recently got a new update adding tons of new content and a new ore too. So if you’ve managed to get this purple-looking metal called Obamium and aren’t sure what it does, this guide is for you. Continue reading below to find out what Obamium does.

What Does Obamium Do in Muck

Developer Dani added this new metal in Update 3 alongside new bosses and even a Muck ending too. Before you can start mining it, you’ll need to get an Adamantite Pickaxe. For those that don’t already know, you can get Adamantite from green rocks.

Once you have an Adamantite Pickaxe, search for purple rocks called Obamium. While you can find them anywhere, they’re often in the newly implemented caves as well. You may only find one or two in there, however. Regardless, you’ll want to find a cave anyway because it’s connected to the ending and one way to use Obamium.

Use Obamium to Repair the Ship

Muck - What is Obamium For

Make sure to smelt them into bars at a Furnace before heading over to the shipwreck.

You’ll need to find a cave and loot the chest inside to get a map that shows where a shipwrecked boat is. This will appear on your map (M) or you can follow the marker pointing you towards it. Similar to the Muck tutorial showing where a rock is. I’ve noticed certain seeds don’t have the map inside caves, so you may need to check other areas for green chests. Such as wagons or huts.

This map leads to a shipwrecked boat that you can repair by getting all sorts of materials needed. For example, repairing a crate that requires Wood and Wheat. Or repairing holes in the ship using Wood. In order to use your Obamium, you’ll need to complete the ship’s engine on deck using 12 Iron Bars.

This leads to several new parts becoming available that require more advanced materials. Such as Obamium Bars, Rubies, an Ancient Core, and unique gems too. So make sure you smelt 5 Obamium Bars and then insert them into the Engine Base. This is the first way to use Muck’s new metal with a second way explained below.

Craft the Night Blade Sword

Muck - Night Blade Sword Recipe

The Night Blade sword may be the strongest weapon in Muck with Update 3.

This Obamium recipe doesn’t require finding the ship, so don’t worry about that. With that said, I do like to build near the shipwreck so I have all my materials in one spot ready to repair it. Anyways, the Night Blade sword recipe becomes available once you’ve found a Black Shard, Dark Oak Wood, and Obamium Bars.

Afterward, you can create a Night Blade sword at an Anvil using 1 Black Shard, 15 Dark Oak Wood, and 10 Obamium Bars. You’ll need an Adamantite Axe to chop Dark Oak trees that have purple leaves. Otherwise, Gronk tends to drop Dark Oak Wood sometimes too. And you can get a Black Shard from defeating Guardians.

If you’re not sure how to find Guardians, there are two methods. They’ll eventually attack at night as you get further into Muck. Otherwise, you can hunt them down using the Gem Map from the shipwrecked boat. There’s a green chest on the deck that has the map inside marking five different gem locations with Guardians. This is required to complete the ship.

Craft Obamium Armor and a Sword in Update 4

Update 4 added by Dani on July 23, introduces new content and also another use for this metal type. Instead of just using it for the ship and Night Blade weapon, you can now make armor and a sword too. Plus, there’s no reason to waste your time making the Night Blade when there are world seeds that have it already.

If you have any other Muck questions for me, feel free to ask in the comments below. I’ve also got a guide hub specifically for Muck filled with tips and tricks too. Or you can visit one of the many useful guides below.


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Is the hammer or the night blade better?

Jeffrey Lerman

Wednesday 11th of August 2021

The Night Blade, but the Chief's Spear does more damage. Even though it attacks slower.


Saturday 24th of July 2021

is the Night blade or Obamium sword better?

Jeffrey Lerman

Wednesday 11th of August 2021

The Night Blade is stronger by a good amount, surprisingly.


Tuesday 13th of July 2021

This was really useful, thank you so much.


Tuesday 29th of June 2021

how do you get black shards

Jeffrey Lerman

Tuesday 29th of June 2021

Guardians can drop them. It doesn't seem like an extremely rare drop, but it's definitely not every kill.