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Muck – How to Beat the Game

Muck - How to Beat the Game

The free survival roguelite game Muck originally didn’t have an ending and players could go for as long as possible. However, Update 3 changed that by adding an optional ending completing a run. This guide dives into how to reach that ending so you have a new goal.

How to Beat Muck

Repair the Shipwrecked Boat

As explained in the intro, originally there wasn’t a way to beat Muck. The new content in Update 3 added caves that you can find jutting out of the surface. So don’t worry about needing to dig or mine the ground to find them. These have unique resources and a chest inside with a Boat Map as well.

This leads to a shipwrecked boat that you can find on your own, but the map certainly helps. if there isn’t a map inside the cave, you can check other green chests too. Afterward, you’ll need to collect a good variety of resources ranging from Wood to Obamium Bars to repair the boat. Make sure to search around the boat as it’s easy to miss areas that need to be repaired such as the ladder facing the ocean.

The most difficult item to get is most likely the five gems from defeating each Guardian. While certain buffs/power-ups can make it easier, the Guardians can definitely end a run. Make sure to loot the Gem Map from the green chest on deck so you have every gem location. Once you’ve gotten all five gems, you can place them on the Ship Engine after inserting Iron Bars.

Beat Each Guardian in Muck

Muck - Guardian Tips and Tricks

Buff Guardians will come out of challenge statues when trying to get their gems, so be prepared for a tough fight.

If you’re worried about fighting the Guardians, here are some quick tips and tricks for dealing with them. I may throw together a video guide at a later time to help out too. Here’s each Guardian attack to watch out for.

  • Lock-on Laser – The most deadly attack to watch out for is the laser that locks onto you. The only to avoid this is to put an object in-between you and them. Trees are most commonly available, but you may be able to place walls in preparation. Watch for when the Guardian’s chest starts to glow as they channel up.
  • Ground Slam – They float into the air and then slam down directly below them.
  • Ice Pillar – They summon a massive ice pillar from the ground marked by a red aura/AoE before it appears. This will send you flying into the air making you extremely vulnerable to the lock-on laser attack. Guardians tend to place it where you’re moving, so turn often.

How to Sail the Boat

Muck - How to Sail

Now that you have every gem and part of the ship repaired, get to sailing.

Once you’re ready to reach the final Muck boss, you won’t be able to return to your island. So make sure you’re prepared as this leads to the ending. All you need to do to head to the next boss is interact with the boat’s steering wheel by left-clicking near it. This sails the boat into the ocean where you’ll get attacked by a dragon named Bob.

Prepare for the fight by bringing a Bow and Arrows so you can attack this boss while they’re flying. However, they will grab onto your boat and become vulnerable to melee attacks at times too. Once you’ve beaten the final boss, Bob, you’ll get a basic victory screen with how many days it took you to win.

If you beat Muck while playing in the Creative Mode, the victory screen will say it took zero days to win. This is because days don’t count up in creative like they do in the survival mode. For those that want to see the ending, proceed to the next section below with a video courtesy of YouTuber Serroh.

Muck Ending Boss Fight

That’s all there is to beating Muck in this guide. If you have any other questions for me, feel free to comment below the article for help. For other common questions, visit our guide hub. Or take a look at one of the many useful guides below.


Sunday 22nd of August 2021

I have already beaten the game on easy and normal, and I am now trying to beat it on gamer mode, but when i fought my first guardian, it one shotted me with the ice pillar attack thing even though i had full obamium armour.


Tuesday 20th of July 2021

you guide is best. becuase i just kill the guardian of 10 time above .


Sunday 4th of July 2021

Does creative allow you to get the achievements like beat it in 10 days?

Jeffrey Lerman

Sunday 4th of July 2021

Hey Kimi, I haven't tested that achievement specifically, but you can get achievements in creative. I have a feeling that one wouldn't work since the days don't count up in this mode. But, I just tested a few other achievements that worked.