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Muck – How to Use & Shoot Bows

Muck - How to Use Bows

Bows are a decent backup weapon to take advantage of in Muck as long as you know how to use them. It’s easy to miss a minor detail that prevents you from shooting them at all. That’s why I’ve put together this complete guide on making, using, and shooting bows overall. Continue reading below for some quick tips and tricks.

How to Make a Bow in Muck

Muck - Wheat Screenshot Rope

Keep an eye out for yellow bits of Wheat poking out of the ground.

Update 8/17/2021: Oddly enough, Wood Bows now appear under the Workbench again as they originally did. However, to make more advanced ones, you will still need a Fletching Table.

Original Article:

If you’ve already crafted a Bow and just want to know how to use it, skip to the next section below. Otherwise, with a recent Muck update, the method for crafting one has changed slightly. Instead of creating one at a Workbench, you’ll need to make a Fletching Table for Bows and Arrows now. Before you can make this table, you’ll need to follow the tutorial and make a Workbench.

The first set of wood tools work for chopping Birch Trees, so you can take advantage of that for making the Fletching Table. It requires 25 Birch Wood and 10 Flint (from rocks). Plus, you’ll want an extra 10 Birch Wood to skip the first-tier Bow. There’s no point in making a basic wooden one if you’re already at the next tier.

Muck - Fletching Table Screenshot

Craft high-tier bows at the Fletching Table such as the Ancient Bow using a rare drop, an Ancient Bone.

Once you have a Fletching Table, you’ll want to find Wheat so you can make the next important recipe. You’ll need 10 Wheat and 10 Bark to complete the Rope recipe which gives you 2. Using 10 Birch Wood and 1 Rope, you can make a Birch Bow.

Now you’ll want to craft some arrows whether that’s Flint or Birch is up to you. There are different arrow types for every metal tier and even some secret types too. The first tier is for a Flint Arrow which requires 2 Wood and 1 Flint to make 4 Flint Arrows, however.

How to Use a Bow in Muck

Muck - Arrow Slot Equipment

You’ll need to equip your arrows in the right slot before you can shoot a Bow.

One part of Muck that makes it confusing on how to use bows is not knowing how to equip one. You’ve probably got it in your hotkey bar with your arrows either in your inventory or hotkey bar too. If you haven’t made arrows yet, you’ll want to visit the previous section of this guide and make those. Because you can’t shoot without arrows.

Once you have your Bow and Arrows, here’s what you need to do. Equip your Bow in your hotkey bar so you can use it as a weapon. Then, open up your inventory and equip your arrows to the arrow slot near your armor. This is next to the helmet slot. Once your arrows are equipped here, you can start using and shooting your bow.

That’s all there is to it, fortunately, but it’s easy to completely miss. Just like the shield item slot which seems to not exist in Muck. If you’re wondering how bows work in Muck, here’s what you need to know. Simply hold the left mouse button down to charge up your arrow before shooting. This will help it shoot quicker and farther.

Muck - Fighting Wyverns

Who needs a Bow when you have the Jannik’s Frog buff and can fly?

As arrows don’t really shoot that quick, you may need to fire a couple of practice shots. But, you can still get a decent distance out of them if you aim up a little bit. Wyverns are the main time you’ll need a Bow if you don’t have Jannik’s Frog for extra jumps. Plus, strong buffs like the Sniper Scope and Knuts Hammer can also trigger from ranged attacks.

If you have any other Muck questions for us, feel free to ask in the comments below the article. Be sure to visit the guide hub for more useful tips and tricks. We’ve listed a few guides below that are common questions in the Muck community as well.