Muck – What Do Lightning Balls Do

Muck - Lightning Balls Guide

Muck is a free survival roguelite where you may have stumbled across a unique Lighting Ball item. If you’ve been playing for a while and fighting some of the tougher enemies, you’ll start to find a few rare items. This is one of them that many players in the Muck community have been wondering how it works While I haven’t gotten it myself, I’m pretty sure I know what you can do with it. Continue reading below.

What Do Lightning Balls Do in Muck

Players originally assumed that this was an item that developer Dani didn’t implement into the game. However, with some speculation and plenty of Steam Discussions questioning what it does, we finally know how the Lightning Ball works.

Muck has four different elemental ball items that you can get from certain enemies. The Lightning Ball is one example where you can equip it like an arrow and shoot it. This works as a strong arrow alternative that can be a little tough to get. If you’re not sure how to shoot bows or equip arrows, our guide here goes over it.

The other rare ball types are Fire, Frost, and Wind. You can get the Lightning, Fire, and Frost ball from Dave variants that have that element. For those that don’t know, the raptor-looking enemies are called Dave. And you can get the Wind Ball from Wyverns. Another example of a rare item you can get in Muck is the Wyvern Claws for a Wyvern Dagger.

If you’d like to see more Muck guides here at Slyther Games, I’ve listed a few below that may be of interest to you. Our Beginner Guide is great for people just starting out if you have a friend new to the game.

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